3. Intellectual Capital and Pre-emptive Empowerment

Intellectual capital is the personal asset of the individual (employee). It welcomes negotiation, and responds enthusiastically to fairness. Success-oriented business leaders will value it for what it is: an endless resource of untapped potential, to be cherished and developed with skill, concern and integrity. If you can capture the minds and the imaginations (read: spiritual enthusiasm) of your workforce, they will happily release their hold on this, your most valuable asset. 

First step: Pre-emptive empowerment. Make it public knowledge within your organization that the intellectual capital of the workforce is a desirable and negotiable entity. This simply requires the intelligence, honesty and realization of the CEO. 

Second step: Discover from each employee what it would take to gain his or her wholehearted and enthusiastic cooperation. This requires the work and dedication of some really concerned Dreambuilders. 

The Goal: Whatever it takes, the intellectual capacity of the workforce must be realized, respected, awakened, released, nurtured, developed, harnessed with fairness and molded into a spirit of high moral ethic, enthusiasm and conscientious co-operation. Or else! 

This is the process of pre-emptive empowerment. It will earn you the cooperation of your workforce

The Principle: Cooperative work can and should make the dreams of the individual workers come true. Modern business (the corporation, the company, a co-operative group effort in any form represented by a leader of integrity), must be held as a vehicle by which individuals, through contribution of effort, can attain the fulfillment of their own personal dreams. Even if, in some cases, this is not the case, the mere fact that this ideal is held up as a possibility and a goal to be attained will be sufficient to gain the respect, and hopefully the cooperation, of your workforce. 

Corporate leaders can make this happen by adopting the principle of pre-emptive empowerment. In exchange for a clear shot at personal improvement, the workforce will easily offer to assist in the codification of their knowledges, experience and discoveries, thereby turning their assets into 'structural capital', which will then stay with the company even after the contributors have left. 

We are now faced only with solving the most imposing challenge of modern business technology - how to capture the benefits of a completely willing, co-operative and empowered workforce; "turning intellectual assets into structural assets." And this is the goal and function of your corporate network/intranet development team.