7. Dreambuilders: At the Heart of Every Corporate Success 

It is becoming clear that the dreams of the individual are the most important asset in business. 

There will never be a shortage of individuals seeking to better themselves and their position in life. This is the natural quest. Any service that assists in this quest will have a permanent place in the world of business. Corporate competition has become so fierce that individual dreams may soon become the only remaining untapped resource both for ideas and inspiration, and for human resources. 

Dreambuilding is the serious 'new kid on the block’ in the human development movement. Besides being the essential element in current business trends, investigation indicates that its roots are found in a majority of the world’s spiritual philosophies. 

The mind is a powerful thing. The freed mind sees things as they are and can organize certain elements to personal, group and social advantage. People work hard for a company that works hard for them. Dreambuilders are liberated, educated and empowered individuals who specialize in helping others to build their dreams, thus fulfilling their own. 

Our dream is to make yours come true. 

Hired by an increasing numbers of enlightened CEO's to ferret out the untapped potential of the workforce, dreambuilders are enhancing corporate prosperity nationwide.  Through innovative and individually crafted educational processes, they are serving management by assisting individuals to see themselves as empowered free agents, working by team effort for personal benefit in a supportive corporate environment. 

Building American prosperity, one dream at a time.

The results are astounding. Small, nearly failing companies with tyrannical and frightened old-school managements and depressed workforces become virtual gardens of prosperity. Employees come to work happy to see their fellow workers and concerned for each other's, and the company's, well being. The workplace becomes an interesting, evolving environment of nurture, self-empowerment, productivity and mutual education. 

This is not only possible, it's happening every day.

Close investigation will reveal that dreambuilding is the essence of what's really happening in human development/personal empowerment movement in America. Read about it in the business section of any bookstore. How are the enlightened CEO's fulfilling their personal dreams? By fulfilling the dreams of their workforce. How do they fulfill the dreams of the workforce? By knowing them - each and every one. By making them common knowledge so that all involved can take pleasure in assisting in their fulfillment. 

Best of all, we'll work for wages too

Now you can turn your working environment into a serious collaboration for the personal development of each contributor, and watch the productivity go through the roof. 

Nothing increases productivity like enthusiasm.

Nothing increases enthusiasm like the expectation of personal success and seeing the attainability of one's dreams, and nothing shows the way like Dreambuilders.