2. Engendering Spiritual Enthusiasm in the American Workforce 

This treatise openly advocates the hiring of spiritually aware and indifferent men and women as business and personal prosperity consultants, and advocates the adoption of universally acceptable spiritual practices and principles as guidelines to prosperity. 

You might ask, why should a spiritually aware person really care about such worldly things as prosperity? I reply that it is an integral part of most spiritual traditions for the spiritually aware of every time and culture to come forward to the aid of their societies on whatever front was happening and confronting the issues of the time. Prosperity and the decline of spiritual value in this country, as well as all over the world, are the major issues and they are hand in hand. 

It is Divine will that fairness is rewarded with fairness and benevolence is rewarded with benevolence.  The law of Karma (just retribution) is simply that: "You get what you give." And there is plainly not enough giving in this world! 

The root cause of physical and emotional illness is anxiety. The root cause of anxiety is insecurity. The root cause of insecurity is a lack of certainty and absolute conviction, a correct knowledge or a true faith.   By "faith", I do not mean a blind belief in something scientifically unprovable, but, more objectively, a knowledge of that in which we can trust, accompanied by an understanding of the principles by which we, and the universe, operate. It is for their studies in these fields that people of manifest spiritual understanding and with the purest of intentions are becoming the most necessary for the guidance of personal and corporate endeavors. 

It is a sad commentary to note that insecurity and anxiety are often deliberately engendered into our society by the people who profit from it. The Holistic (as in Holiness) Health movement is the quiet and personal revolution of inner peace, harmony and prosperity for all, opposing which are some very insecure profit mongers who resist benevolent actions for fear of perceived loss and/or punishment. 

In India, holy people are consulted regularly by the pious businessmen who are always giving in alms and charity to causes that benefit people and the enhancement of social welfare. These holy people are not just wandering beggars, as western media would have you believe. They are realistic people who have made conscious decisions to devote themselves to the betterment of humanity through religious and secular study, and spiritual endeavor. They know that they would not be able to offer proper guidance and help to humanity if they had not sought it and benefited from it themselves. 

It is thought that just having one of these often reluctant people in the organization was a sufficient sign to indicate to the Divine (and to the workforce and people at large), an intention to please. It is well known that the holy people would never take benefit from an organization that was not pure in intention and deed. So even having your charity accepted by such a one was sufficient to indicate a correctness of purpose, and thereby worthiness of success. In the western world, this would be called recognition of the need for alignment with spiritual purpose. 

There is no doubt that spiritual training in the sufi tradition provides a practically applicable understanding for healing the problems in contemporary society, both business and personal.  Any of the trained healers from the Shadhiliyya Sufi Center would be able to sense the rightness of purpose necessary to promise the hope of longevity and prosperity to certain willing and needy businesses. 

There are no spiritual teachings against work and prosperity. Divinity smiles upon industriousness and holds out the promise of prosperity to encourage the industrious. All that is being asked is that the industry be fair to the planet and to the people of this and future generations. That seems to be a current difficulty and a major cause for the decline and fall of the age of industry. There is way too much Universal Resistance for this country to continue prospering without major reform.  The will of man is strong and in his insecurity and search for personal success, carelessness increases and sensitivity to issues decreases. That's our current state. 

It is not the purpose of these writings to debate relative worthiness of current industrial efforts. That is a major topic with its own experts. The point here is simply, given the worthiness of the project under development or in progress, what are the requisite measures for lasting success? 

Spiritual enthusiasm can be engendered simply by holding out clearly the picture of, and means to, success. This is the work of Dreambuilders. 

Spiritual enthusiasm manifests as the active participation, by a group of like-minded people, toward a goal in which they not only believe, but also envision as clearly attainable, with requisite effort. In the unseen this is the equivalent of a united prayer for a good and promised thing by a group of people who will do right with the results of their effort and not use those results for harm or wrong-doing. The sages say to be careful what you pray for because you're likely to get it. Part of purifying intention is to know what you will do with the results of your prayer should it be answered. 

Divinity looks upon effort as prayer, and questions the secret hearts about the truth of intention. Your deeds are judged by their intentions. Intentions are the unseen prayer. The question Divinity (and your own 'true' heart) asks is "Should your prayers really be answered?" Divinity knows better than we and always wants for us better than we want for ourselves. Divine Benevolence looks into our hearts, wanting for us the very best there is but allowing us, in wisdom, to learn our own lessons. If the Divine is smiling upon us, our success is always based upon the purity of our intentions. Failure is a manifestation of the need to restructure and purify our intentions. If Divinity is frowning upon us, then our success may be based upon our need to learn a lesson. This explains why some efforts are perceived as successful even though their intentions are obviously amiss. 

The purest intention is to live a life perfectly in accordance with and in surrender to the Will of the Divine, and to maintain that intention throughout all difficulties and tests. Coming to know "The Will of the Divine" requires a willingness to seek it out and accept it, and that requires a willingness to let go of whatever causes resistance.  So many of these perceived reasons to resist are illusory, and with correct understanding, surrender can sometimes be as simple as a revision of intention. The Divine is not unfair, and is not seeking to undo what has been done. Divinity requires of us simply a purification of our intentions and an appropriate course of action, the rewards of which will be a more than adequate provision, a clear conscience, and the satisfaction of good deeds well done. 

Although we may not 'know' it, or might prefer to deny it, the intention of our efforts to seek a means to prosperity is, in the reality of the unseen, a prayer to the Divine Provider for a form of success marked by a tangible increase in prosperity.  We need to recognize this as a fact in our lives and truly investigate the intentions in the secrets of our hearts using every means available to purify them. It is upon the truth and purity of these intentions that our worthiness of success will be judged. The gift of asking is given its permission by purity of intention. 

This work (of purifying intention) is the real prayer for (personal) prosperity. It is also the answer to a prayer. By our efforts to seek a means to prosperity we are asking, "Show me a way, my Lord, to invoke you with my effort in such a way that You will increase my personal prosperity." This prayer will be always answered, and especially when enough people use it by cooperating toward a mutually and socially beneficial goal. 

Our intentions are always to increase our ability to do good for the people we love and for humanity at large. In most working environments, everyone is hiding his/her love or knowledge of the Divine.  In our deep hearts, this form of prayer comes not from complaint or ingratitude for the life, happiness and adequate provision already granted us, but is, in reality, an act of further gratitude through the benevolent and constructive use of the blessings already received. Gratitude for an offer to help is made manifest by taking advantage of it. Gratitude is manifested by the acceptance of a gift and by using it to its purpose. So work should be honored for what it is, a prayer for prosperity and a manifestation of gratitude in the form of action.