1. Practical Spirituality in American Business

In my view, there is no thing more or less spiritual than another. The whole of life is a spiritual exercise and functions in accordance with Divine Will. What's missing is simply the recognition and honoring of our spiritual nature in the form of appropriate actions.  All of life and everything in it is a blessing. All that is required for the continuation of the blessing is to recognize and honor it with appropriate behavior. It's very simple. Do you like what you have? Be grateful! Offer thanks! Give to the poor! Support constructive endeavors.

So what is constructive endeavor? What is the form of appropriate behavior? How, exactly, do we 'walk' in the light of this incredibly spiritual blessing we call 'Life'? In a word, "giving". There are three forms of Giving. Giving to God (the Divine) in the form of worship, service and gratitude; giving to society, (the people at large) in the form of (righteous) taxes and charities; and giving to our selves and our families in the form of provision, love and concern. 

In most cases the latter is the only form being at all considered and for good reason. But it must be noted that the neglect of the other two forms does not truly increase the provision of the third. Quite the contrary. If personal and familial provision is not purified from the elements of greed, selfishness, and lack of trust and gratitude, then these elements take hold and will turn your personal provision into the personal nightmare that is now so famous in American society. Such is the case with declining American businesses.

By giving to the Divine, we are honoring the Divine and manifesting our trust and faith in the Divine, thereby purifying ourselves of the nightmarish qualities to which we are so susceptible. By giving to the people we our honoring our selves and our worthiness to participate successfully and comfortably in the human race. And by giving to ourselves we are making it all worthwhile and enabling ourselves to continue being constructive members of a divine and caring society.  We must not, however, take such comfort in our own well being as to allow that to become the be-all and end-all of our human existence. That is the very nature of the nightmare: separation - from the Divine, from society, and eventually from the very ones we loved the most; in a word, from all the rewards of a charitable and serving lifestyle.

It is the Work of Dreambuilders to call forth objective truth and lasting prosperity. This Work is based on a classical Sufi training which develops a perceptive awareness of truth, objective reality and appropriate behavior. There is now true counsel available in the form of mature, realized people who can see the necessity and understand the means for reform in order to preserve and improve upon the Divine gift of prosperity.