10. The Evolution of Dreambuilders 
(From Network Development to Dreambuilding) 

Computer networks reach into the heart of every business and by extension, the life of every person in the world. Because of the importance of network technology as the platform of business in the coming age of global economy and communications, the role of the network salesperson has taken on an entirely new dimension. 

The astute network salesperson will need to have a personal interest in advanced conceptual studies and be a leading-edge researcher and technical theorist with a curiosity and experimental nature: a technologist and visionary rather than a technician, and a well-rounded human being, sympathetic to the needs of the workforce and the requirements of successful corporate management. 

S/he must know how to work towards the goal of optimal system performance with minimal necessary interruption. This will require a realistic grasp of the process of inquiry and project development, and an understanding of the concepts of workflow facilitation, enterprise information architecture, and workforce empowerment. 

Job titles and descriptions like Intranet Design Analyst, Sales Engineer and Sales Architect are emerging but still not comprehensive enough to encompass the scope of the position. Network sales people must look to their future and develop their own vision and self-concept, and realize the importance of seeing themselves in a new role. Making the linguistic leap from technical to philosophical, I say they must be Dreambuilders. 

With the simplification of networking and Intranet technology, its practical application to the needs of contemporary business becomes sequential to the development of the concept and plan of implementation. The network salesperson must be able to participate in, share and contribute to the vision and direction of the client leadership. This is, very practically, dreambuilding on a corporate level, a position that many companies need to fill. It requires someone with the interest to research, observe, study, think and explore possibilities. 

In respect to the aspect of workforce empowerment, they must also utilize the concepts of dreambuilding in the process of knowing how to discover the needs, goals and untapped potential of the workforce. This is an important part of developing and fine-tuning the internal affairs system until it's a well-oiled and practiced productivity machine, just what every business needs and wants to be. 

And in respect to their own personal lives they must be dreambuilders, holding to the motto that their dream is to make yours come true. Only by successful accomplishment of your dream can they build their own.