8. Computer Networks - Perfecting the Business Workflow

The importance of the computerized internal business network cannot be overestimated. It has been said and repeated that workflow is more important than cashflow. Intranets are both a practical expression of the flow of appropriate information and a means to facilitate the creativity of an empowered workforce. 

The whole point of technology is to facilitate workflow. There are three aspects to the facilitation of workflow: a correct and universal concept of enterprise information architecture, an innovative view of technology implementation, and a strong understanding of the necessity and means for workforce empowerment. I'll now say it backwards. Concept, technological innovation and human understanding are the three elements necessary for workflow facilitation, which is the point of networking technology. 

Intranet Design Analysis is a leading-edge, rapidly evolving field in the study of business management technology in which a particularly talented and personally empowered visionary consultant or team attempts to facilitate the amalgamation of the workforce through the creative and cooperative design of the corporate/people's intranet. 

These consultants must function simultaneously as catalysts for change and creativity among the workforce while documenting talents and ideas and transforming them into templates of interpersonal and interoffice workflow which find practical expression in the final, yet always evolving intranet design. 

Dreambuilding is the essential element of successful workflow management. The need is widely recognized by major companies preparing themselves to support this necessary new work ethic based on the creativity and prosperity of the workforce.