9. Realizing the True Value of Intranet Technology

It is important to understand the real value of Intranets. 

Intranets must use the most advanced interpersonal and interoffice communications technologies that are supported by standard networks to 1) create the perfect workflow, and 2) convert the benefits of having a empowered, co-operative workforce into structural, or corporate, assets. In other words, the creativity and experience of intelligent, business-building employees must stay with the company even after the employee has left. 

Such is the challenge, and it is not easy. 

This purpose results in and depends upon an intricate relationship between the employer, the Intranet (builder) and the workforce. A correct estimation of this intricate relationship is "crucial" to the creation of a successful 21st century business and key to the success of a dynamic new class of intranet consultants, whom I call dreambuilders. 

The design of a successful Intranet is TOTALLY dependent upon this estimation. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE IT! 

The Success of an intranet is in creating an efficient and stimulating workflow. This can only be done by the collective creative effort of an enthusiastic and co-operative workforce. Creating that enthusiasm and enlisting that co-operation is the singular   purpose of dreambuilders. 

This success cannot be accomplished without the daring willingness and studious diligence of the company's CEO. So it is to the relationship between CEO's who are or would be "corporate mystics", dreambuilders, network and Intranet developers, and an increasingly empowered and enlightened workforce, that the work on this website is dedicated.