”Ultimately our strategy is all about creating an organization of 15,000 effective business people, where everybody thinks about the future, everybody amazes customers, and everybody manages the bottom line. It's the ultimate accountability strategy."  Chris Turner, Xerox Business Services 
"Empowerment is a spiral starting with one indivudual. A company that empowers its employees becomes empowered by its employees to expand, grow and increase prosperity. " 

'If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. as of this second, stop doing less than excellent work." Thomas Watson - founder of IBM 

"You'll either change in a nanosecond, or never." 

"An organization that dotes on sharing knowledge rather than hoarding it." 

"innovation is not an option. organizations need an appetite for adventure, apassion for bold leaps into the unknown, hiing the adventurous and the bold.' 
"Incrementation is innovation’s worst enemy." – Nicolas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab 

"If your spending all of your time making “it” better today than yesterday, then you aren’t spending your time on reinventing it.- blowing it up." 
"Think revolution, not evolution." 
"If you do not rely upon the original thought that come to you, you are not up-to-date and cannot hope to compete in a market with people who do. Inspiration is everything.  The future has not happened yet, experience without imagination is a thing of the past."  

"You do not merely want to be considered just 'the best of the best'. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do." - Jerry Garcia 

"Those who really make a difference create a whole new way." - Michael Jordan 

"If your employee's job is not a step on the pathway ot his or her dreams, why not? Make it so, Number One!" 

"Enliven the senses. Fulfill even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests." Ritz Calrton 

<>From Synchronicity, by Joseph Jaworski  
"If the company provides the tools of learning, if it is the hotbed of new or expert thinking in any area, it will be the chief beneficiary of learning in that field – even if your group members leave, the knowledge stays behind."  
"Manage your company to make it as easy as possible for your customers to work with your people." 
"Focus on the flow of information, not the flow of materials." 
"The Free Agent: relying on talent and experience to build intellectual capital." 
"What color is your parachute – Identify internalized skills, talents and experience. " 
"Operate from the generative orientation, from possibilities rather that resignation." 
"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." 
"Innovative Strategy: Ready Fire! Aim." 
Fast Prototyping 
"Encourage failure: Fail..Forward. Fast!" 
"The most important person who reports to you is the one who most vigorously disagrees, who has the guts to vigorously disagree." 
Tom Peters @ 
"Ultimate authority in a well run company comes from the customer" 
Career action center in Palo Alto. "Peg your soul to your talent." 
The fifth Discipline: The Learning Organization + Field book 
Intellectual capital by Thomas Stewart 
Why Information flow has more impact on profit that movement of goods
Try saying this to your employer. "Since lifetime employment is no more let’s discuss how to change what I do here so that I will be more attractive to the next company that hires me." 
"Being milked? Move on" 
Strategist, resource provider, project manager, Talent  and process owner. 
Anderson Consulting 
Consultant manager, experienced manager. 
 Since the focus of success is now on employees, the old maxim of do unto others still applies.. 
Project oriented resumes 
Project package and sell knowledge. 
Cutting jobs is hard work, creating jobs is genius. 
You don’t leap a chasm in 2 bounds. (old Chines Proverb) 
"Think before you leap, then leap" 
The secrets of silicon valley success. 
Forget it!  
MCI, run like hell then stop and turn around  
Microsoft: Inet stinks.  
HP Cannibalize yourself,  ASAP 
Obsolete ourselves, or our competition will.  
Promote on merit 
Love your latest project, collaborate 
From “New Workflow Strategies” by James G. Kobielus 
"Used properly, workflow management systems can be powerful tools foe reinventing your organization as a more flexible, efficient customer focused competitor.  The flip-side, however, is that they can also hard-wire bad processes and hasten your company’s competitive decline if implemented without proper application planning and organizational redesign.  Investments in workflow tools will come to naught unless accompanied by an ongoing, well-thought-out, broad-based corporate commitment to procedural innovation." (pg. 5)  
"Few sensible mangers will bet the business on processes cobbled together on the fly by grass-roots personnel.  The more mission-critical the business process, the greater the need for careful process planning, analysis, and redesign. In such cases, we must have solid justification and implementation plan for our workflow solution, because so much will be riding on our recommendations." (pg. 221)