4. Employee Satisfaction - The True Measure of Success

The only thing that will survive in the technological revolution is the business attitude of technologically empowered people. Only prosperous, happy people will work creatively and energetically enough to sustain the survival of their company. It must be their business if they are to really care. Companies based on the industrial philosophy of exploiting the needs and ignorance of the workforce will not survive into the 21st century and will go down to their more enlightened competition completely ignorant and wondering why.  This is simply because modern technology and communications are liberating the workforce from their ignorance at an extremely rapid rate, and empowered people are "mad as hell, and not gonna take it any more." 

Companies cannot get along without their workforce, and the workforce cannot get along without the tools, training and attitudes to keep them contemporary: in a word, job satisfaction. An important requirement of and empowered employee is instant interpersonal communication. Unless these existing technology is openly transformed by the corporation into the tools of satisfaction that the workforce requires, the selfsame technology will by used by the workforce for personal development, empowering and encouraging employees to seek better situations. There is no way to stop empowered people from empowering others. The only solution is to transform management attitudes and earn loyalty by facilitating workforce satisfaction. 

The need for technological advancement is the driving force behind this quite revolution. Technologically empowered people have what it takes to enforce their demands for constructive change within their working environment. What's more, they are aware of their need to be recognized and empowered as a creative and reinvigorating influence.  Happening companies know this and are actively encouraging creative thinking in the workplace and creating means for utilizing the benefits of empowerment. Companies that fail to see this in time will quickly become overshadowed by their more visionary competition.