From 'The Corporate Mystic'
By Gay Hendricks, Ph..D. & Kate Ludeman, Ph. D.

Here they are, the stripped down essential rules for business success derived from over one thousand hours of illuminated interviews and conversation with highly successful corporate leaders. They are radical for two reasons, they will produce a revolutionary change in your life and working relationships, and because they go to the root (that is the original meaning of the word radical) of what is wrong in most businesses. 

RULE 1 - Always tell the truth. Especially tell the truth about personal facts and feelings. Make everything possible in your business open book. Teach everyone how to read the spreadsheet, make all salaries public, never hide anything that is not absolutely required to be hidden. 

RULE 2 - Always take 100 percent responsibility for any activity you're involved in. if you are in a leadership position, take 100 percent, not 200 percent for all activities. Require that each participant take 100 percent. Equality is possible only through meeting at the 100 percent level. 

RULE 3 - Scrupulously attend to all agreements you make and other make with you. Do everything you say you are going to do, and don't do anything you've said you wouldn't do. Demand impeccability of others. If you catch yourself or others in a broken agreement, cop to it immediately and fix it. 

RULE 4 - Never gossip and never get in the middle of communications between other people. Make your no-gossip commitment public, and state your intention to stay out of the middle of conflicts and communication glitches. 

RULE 5 - Set aside daily creative think-time and make it sacred. It doesn't matter if it's five minutes or an hour. What matters is that your intention is to renew your connection with your inner spirit and open to your full creativity.  Find your own preferred method: Meditate, deep breathe, sit quietly, doodle.  If you miss a day, do twice as much the next day. 

RULE 6 - Make a to-do list and update it constantly throughout the day. Put your most dreaded activities first and do them first thing. 

RULE 7 - Go to the source. Whenever you hear of something that makes you feel uncomfortable, talk to all parties concerned and listen to them carefully. Let people have the ten minutes of clear communication that solves most problems. Listen with as little agenda as you can manage.