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Spiritual Healing in Corporate America

It’s commonly thought that Spirituality and "Life" are separate, and that spirituality has no place in Life, and especially in the doing of business. It is also falsely assumed that since life is a matter of economic survival, the most practical  (and lucrative) approach would be that which is farthest away from the essence, or truth.  Hence develops the glib double-dealer, whose stock-in-trade is suave and convincing duplicity – the art of the gentle lie, so to speak.

And yet if you look in the business development section of your local bookstore, you will find that the trend in business and of the truly successful is everyday leaning more toward the realization of truth in unity.

It just makes good sense. The taxing toll it takes to maintain pretense and lies is causing the rapid erosion of human personal energy. Plus it is taking us farther away from our proposed goal of success rather than bringing us to it as we had hoped it would. This all has to do with the shift from industry to information, and now to the need for a deeper, an absolute, if you will, truth by which to evaluate. It has, in the end, to do with our personal concepts of success and the goals we set to attain it, the motivations behind it, and the means we use to achieve it.

How many books are written by the rich extolling their concept of success, how they attained it, and how you can too? I read them in search of a definition of success that feels right to me, and I find nothing. I’m left with the deep feeling that I do NOT want to do what it is they recommend. Even stronger – I WILL not.

But what, then, I ask myself, will I do? And among the myriad options that appear, the one of “Nothing, absolutely Nothing!” feels without doubt, the very best choice. Actually, let me reword that. It feels to me to be the wisest (as in the absolutely smartest), the Superior, choice - not “running away” from the false or artificially imposed responsibilities of my own and society’s creation, but running TO the Recognition of a Superior means of achievement.

To see, in the old paradigm, spirituality as mere escapism misses the point altogether. The Mystics ARE the leaders – the courageous ones who break away from and leave the common pursuits in Quest of the Superior - new and groundbreaking ways to attain, with peace and inner truth, the goals of outward prosperity and security.

So give yourselves a break. Stop deceiving yourselves and lying to others. Hear, listen, and pay attention to the calling of your true self, the one that’s really tired of pretense and would love to find a better way. Afford yourselves the hospitality that you need to give your hearts a rest and think it through. Listen to, and receive from, the quiet love of your souls.

That is how you can know and receive help from God. Listen to the love of your souls.