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From  Intranets: What's the Bottom Line? by Randy J. Hinrichs (

06/15/97 - Up to the minute intranets - It's been about six months since I last put my hands on the computer to edit this book. Since then, I've joined Microsoft and have had an opportunity to see some incredible visionary intranet work. From my vantage point, I didn't miss a heartbeat. This book is still right on. The messages, the visions, the ideas are all still quite relevant.  

Bottom Line: Intranets already exist in your organization - now it's time to let the genius create a place in the 21st century digital economy. Key bottom lines include: 1. The intranet is organic. 2. Executive management must buy in and share from the top. 3. The quality of information is called truth. Are you ready to provide it? 4. Centralize indexes and architecture. 5. Decentralize content and tools. 6. Create information retrieval systems that use critical thinking skills. 7. This is a great collective consciousness, creating a smarter company. 8. Guide your organization with principles - make them public. 9. It's what you do with the intranet that makes it powerful. 10. The intranet is about people empowerment, not technology.  

Intranets Empower 21st Century Knowledge Workers. Intranets are not about technology, although technological innovation improves performance and offers new capabilities. Intranets are about empowering the 21st century knowledge worker. Intranets are about economic evolution, both for your company and for global business. In order to evolve from the Industrial machine, where workers were meant to repeat the same process over and over again, intranets now empower skilled knowledge workers to innovate and create out of the box solutions for both their internal and external customers. This book discusses the business issues and the intranet solutions that organizations can use to realize their business objectives.  

This books discusses how to get it right the first time. It tells you how to build your corporate intellectual capital, the human capital, into a competitive force. Simply put, centralize your intranet infrastructure, and decentralize your content expertise. Allow each knowledge professional within your company to create their own business on the Intranet. Empower them, and the customers will come 

Designed for executive and middle management who are deciding to establish an Intranet site, this book explains why to build Intranets, how to design, develop and maintain Intranets, and what sort of changes to expect in business models. This no-nonsense executive briefing details all you need to know to evaluate how to incorporate Intranets into your organization for effective business communications and transactions. Leading intranet expert Randy Hinrichs explains what intranets are, what they buy you, how they are built, how much they cost, how you make them work, how you know they're working, and how they relate to your existing IT infrastructure. Through detailed examples and case studies, it shares critical lessons about workflow, collaborative rapid prototyping, learning organizations, knowledge management, wealth creation, and other important business issues that meet the demands of the 21st century.  

Each chapter is dedicated to the business questions everyone is asking: 1) What is an Intranet? 2) What is it made of? 3) How much does it cost? 4) What's it buy me? 5) How do I make it work? 6) How do I know it's working? To help you consider your options, also read interviews with the top 3 CIOs in the Intranet world: Microsoft, Sun and Netscape.