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Consciousness and Reiki
by John Veltheim

In our book on Reiki, I pointed out that Reiki is a form of manifested consciousness. Technically, we must realize that everything is manifested consciousness. Everything is simply a form of consciousness manifesting. Science has long discovered that there is no form or substance to the world as we see it. The atom is merely a collection of energy particles which have no substance in them. 

Bells theorem emphasizes that “no theory of reality compatible with quantum theory can require specially separated events to be separate.” In other words, all distant events are constantly interconnected and interdependent. This implies that each and every electron must know exactly what every other electron in the universe is doing in order to understand what it itself has to do at any given moment. This further implies that every atom in the universe is constantly ‘in touch’ with ‘all that is.’ This universality of substance corresponds to the concept of a totality of consciousness sentient of everything collectively and individually. 

The Vedantic teachings postulate that this world is a dream of the consciousness. Ultimate reality is pure consciousness, without time, motion or relativity. The illusionary world (Maya) we interact with, is consciousness in motion which manifests itself as a dream state. We are all players in that dream. 

A recent edition of Time magazine had an article on the mind. One important discovery in recent explorations of the function of the mind is that the areas which are actively working in the brain when we dream of something, such as a walk through a forest, or when we daydream, are the exact same areas which are active when we are walking through the forest in a conscious state. Not only that, but they are giving off the same impulses and the same responses. (Our dreams and daydreams will cause changes in pulse rate, adrenal secretions and immune responses.) This has important implications. It means that according to our brain, there is no difference between a sleeping dream, a daydream, or what we call conscious reality. The brain is telling us that the world as we know it, is also a dream. This happens to concur with the observations of those rare beings who are self realized and have a ‘knowing’ about this. 

The dream will always continue to manifest despite our actions. We are only players of roles in a continuously manifesting dream. Even our personal dreams are a sub-category of the outer dream we live in. This all sounds kind of scary, especially to those of us who need a reality to feel comfortable with. While this dream goes on, our individual ego is formed by the resistance to the flow of the dream. This resistance is necessary, because the formation of the individual ego is the way consciousness mirrors itself and establishes its identity. 

The resistance areas we develop to the flow of the dream take the form of concepts, attitudes, and belief systems. These establish an identity that we refer to as the individual. This individual identity then expresses itself through the medium of our mind/body. The dream state can be seen like the movement of tides and currents in the ocean. This goes on constantly and naturally without us having to do anything about it. It is the dream of Universal Consciousness in its totality. Our individuality, in the form of the mind/body ego, is like a large breakwall built on the floor of the ocean. This wall subtly changes the flow of the currents and creates a resistance. 

This resistance manifests in our feeling of individuality which isolates us from the world. This feeling of isolated helplessness is a source of human suffering as it lies beneath the surface of all of our frustrations, needs and expectations of life. When the resistance is too strong, illness - physical, emotional, or mental - occurs. 

We so often hear the importance of ‘letting go’ to the process of life because that enables us to happily flow with the currents of life and enjoy the ride. So many people spend their life efforting in order to make things happen. They simply don’t realize that the hard efforting did not make any difference to the final outcome. 

It is like a person catching a plane to another city and running on the spot in the aisle for the whole trip. They think that their action of running on the spot caused them to reach the city when, in fact, they were going to end up there anyway. Why not just ‘let go’ and enjoy the ride. 

This is not advocating doing nothing in life. Life can still be planned and action can be taken. The difference is that the planning and action are joyfully performed without excessive mental and physical activity with the associated stress. By planning and working without conscious effort, the working mind (right brain) is working rather than the thinking mind (left brain). 

My experience of Reiki is that it creates or promotes a tendency to ‘let go.’ Being a pure and harmonious state of consciousness, Reiki promotes the healing of the body by actively reducing the resistances to the flow of consciousness. When a patient totally surrenders to the harmonious flow of Reiki and accepts the benefits they feel, that patient is brought back closer to the flow and rhythm of the ocean of consciousness. This reduces the resistance and, hence, has a positive affect on the mind, emotions, and physical symptoms. 

Reiki is not a cure all because we are born with certain traits that are automatically a resistance to the flow. These genetic traits are what establishes our piece of the jigsaw which constitutes the dream. However, many of us have added to those inherited traits by efforting, and creating a series of belief systems, attitudes, and obsessions. When we receive Reiki, it means that our higher self has accepted that we are better off trying to surrender to the flow of the universe. If we then choose to listen to our higher self and use the Reiki to facilitate greater harmony and align us to the flow of life, we will reap the benefits according to how much we surrender to the process of healing our lives. 

Remember that every atom in our body is linked to, and dependent upon, every other atom in the universe. [The sooner we realize the significance of that and begin to use Reiki to help us to ‘let go’ to the process of universal manifestation, the sooner we can become joyful, free, and empowered observers rather than efforting, futile resistances.] If we do this, Reiki will do much more than simply heal the pain in our lives. It will become a powerful tool to shift our consciousness to a level that enables us to truly understand the reality behind life’s processes.