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It is a recognition of a lack of what you identify as rejuvenization.  This is your allowance of a physical time framework in which you merge the objective and subjective awarenesses to be in communication with self as essence, and you allow yourself to open to yourself as essence, not holding your attention in the narrow field of separation of only objective recognition and awareness.

the realization and actualization of acceptance of self

This individual has created a choice to be disengaging from activities viewed as obligation, and allow himself movement in a different direction, and continues presently to be engaging this choice.

In relation to the movement of this shift.

The energy that you project is “doing the job,” so to speak, once it is projected, for it is configured in the manner that the receiving individual chooses.

They are merely choices of how you may be manifesting outwardly and physically your desire in your movement within this particular focus.

An openness to essence and to consciousness and to reality.

You are moving yourself into your recognition of freedom and the grandness of self, the wondrousness of self, and all that you may be accomplishing in that expression of freedom!

You choose.  No other individual chooses your choices for you.

Therefore, as you create the tension, what you are in effect creating within your energy is a block which separates the objective and subjective awarenesses from mergence together.  Therefore, you awake with little or no dream recognition, for you are not allowing the free flow of the objective awareness in relation to the subjective activity in sleep state.

Therefore, your beginning point in your method of discovery of your innate being of worth is to allow yourself to notice and recognize the tension that you incorporate within your energy, and allow yourself the incorporation of RELAXATION of your energy, for this allows opening.

I am merely expressing to you not to be confusing the process - which is the enactment of the belief system - with the reality that you are already your highest expression.


Guilt expresses the discounting of self in acceptance; worry expresses the discounting of self in trust.

for no expression of consciousness, in any manifestation, is deserving of the expression of discounting of its own trust or acceptance.

Let me express to you, this is the reason that I have expressed many, many times that there is trauma in association with this shift, for this shift is an action of addressing to your belief systems and moving into acceptance of them.  This is an extremely challenging and difficult action for many, many, if not most, individuals within....

It is unnecessary for you to be instructing of another individual.

regardless of how you project energy, and your intention in the projection of energy, it is the choice of the other individual how they shall be receiving....

In this, continue to hold your attention upon self, and be aware that each individual shall receive energy and expressions in the manner in which they choose, in association with the beliefs that they are addressing to within that time framework.

Now; you may be expressing energy which may incorporate an involvement of these two energy centers of the red and the orange, and in this, you may be directing that energy with a particular intention.  But dependent upon the beliefs that another individual may be addressing to in a particular moment, OR certain issues that they may be exhibiting and engaging within a particular moment, they may be receiving that energy in relation to what they are individually creating themselves.

At times, you may be genuinely seeking information, but as you continue to be influenced by your own individual alignment with beliefs or your own configuration of issues within your own focus, you may not necessarily be creating an openness in energy to be receiving the information that you seek. I may also express to you that at times, individuals ARE expressing within themselves a genuineness in their wish to be seeking information that they perceive may be helpful to themselves.  But they also simultaneously may be interactive with certain expressions of fear that they hold within them, and this may prevent them from creating an openness to be receiving the information that they seek.

Therefore, I shall express to you also, the concept - which is expressed within your mass belief systems - that individuals may be predisposed to a certain type of sexual interaction within their manifestation, even labeling this as preference, IS an association with belief systems, for it creates an assertion of absolutes.And in this, I have clearly expressed to you all that there are no absolutes, for the expression of absolutes denies you the reality and the expression of choice and free will.

The bypass is the recognition of the complication!

Accepting belief systems releases their intensity.

If you are accepting of belief systems, their power is neutralized.

You are holding to energy.  You are not accepting of self and you are responding to your belief systems.

You are conflicting yourselves within your belief systems.

You automatically move in the direction of invalidating self.

All of your noticings within yourself are all valid expressions of your opening to your periphery.

Essence holds tremendous ability

Within essence, they are aware, as are you.

Individuals continue to base their choices upon the choices of other individuals, allowing other individuals’ behaviors to dictate their own.

It is only the idea that awareness is personal that causes the idea of limitation and the need to control.

The instinct to feel at one with life, consciously or unconsciously, fuels all actions.

You are constantly trying to bridge the perceived gap between the world and yourself.

It is the misinterpreted, misplaced sense of power that renders us ever weaker, and more and more out of touch with our true nature.

You are moving into the expression of self discovery.  You are allowing yourself an opening of your awareness to the exploration of YOU, and in this, allowing yourself to begin moving away from the automatic expressions of expectations that you assume through the expressions of mass belief systems and your societies, or expectations that you place upon yourself in relation to your identification of right and good and responsible, and you are allowing yourself to open the door ever so slightly and peer into a new area within self, allowing yourself to begin a movement in the direction of familiarizing yourself with YOU.

This is an expression that you have not allowed yourself for most of your focus in this manifestation.  You have explored many types of activities and many types of creations in different types of expressions.  You have explored the vastness of duplicity quite well!

In this, you have allowed yourself to be exploring many experiences in relation to different expressions of belief systems, but you have not allowed yourself to turn your attention to the exploration and familiarization of YOU, and therefore have not offered yourself the genuine identification of your natural flow of energy or your ability to be directing of your focus yourself, and incorporating your own expression of fun and creativity and your abilities within this focus.

Therefore, in a manner of speaking, you have offered yourself an expression of exploring beliefs, and you have also offered yourself a familiarization with expressions and creations outside of yourself, in a manner of speaking.

Now you are opening the door to be turning your perception, and allowing yourself to become familiar with YOU.  This offers you a movement into a tremendous new expression of freedom!

Now; let me express to you, you have identified a specific area of concern in financial expression, or what you assess to be an inability to be creating the type of financial expression that you wish to be creating. Let me also express to you that this is quite understandable, as you DO hold your attention outside of self, and in that, you are allowing a tremendous influence of your beliefs, in association with your perception, with concern to self and how you assess yourself. In this, as you continue to be directing your attention in that manner, you also create obstacles in your allowance for your ability to be creating this type of expression in financial materialization, so to speak.

DEBI:  So basically, this will kinda take care of itself if I just tune into myself.

ELIAS:  Ah, and THIS is the movement of recognition!  Yes.

The financial expression is not to be acquired, for there is no element within your reality that needs be acquired.  You already possess all that may be expressed within your physical reality.  It is not a question of acquisition.  It is a question of creating, and being in the creation.

Now; let me also express to you that the opening of self exploration within many individuals, yourself also, creates many times another automatic association in fear, for it is unfamiliar, and in this unfamiliarity, you also incorporate an uncertainty in how to be maneuvering and manipulating your energy.

Therefore, as you move into more of an expression of assuming your own direction for self, rather than the alliance of yourself to mass belief systems and societal expressions and the reliance upon outside expressions to be dictating your direction to you, it is a movement into trust of self, and this is quite unfamiliar in many of its expressions.

Your conflicts with other individuals arise from your own expression of a lack of acceptance within self.

This once again is the importance of familiarizing yourself with self and allowing yourself the expression of acceptance within self, for this offers you a type of foothold, so to speak; or figuratively speaking, an anchor within self.

Now; let me also clarify, there is no hidden element.  The subjective awareness is not sabotaging you or any other individual, and is not hidden.  For regardless of your thoughts within your objective awareness and the movement that you may create in relation to your thoughts, your behavior and your automatic responses shall be a mirror expression of your subjective attention and movement.  Therefore, they ARE exhibited objectively.

Now; you do not always pay attention to the automatic responses or to your own behaviors, for many times, you are occupying your objective attention outside of self.

in relation to your movement within this shift in consciousness.

the action of transition, so to speak, which is the shedding of beliefs and of objective awareness.

I never tell myself nothing !

Amazing, is it not, what you may create if you are allowing yourself to BE creating, and trusting that you hold the ability to create what you wish to create?

N. My subjective action, or soul intent, has always been to do nothing and to see what happens. This is surrender. Now I discover that by doing, positively, nothing, I am creating, and creating  the ultimate destiny by allowing my unlimited potential to unfold.

Another testimony to the concept that you need not be understanding of certain expressions within your reality to be engaging them and to be accepting of them!

In this, what I may offer to you is that within your physical reality, as you all move in relation to this shift in consciousness, you are creating this shift to be beneficial to yourselves.

N. We are moving into Mercy and Love.

Therefore, you may view yourselves and your physical body as a physical manifestation of consciousness that you create as an expression of yourself in this physical dimension.

You may incorporate other manifestations of consciousness that you view to be “things” in relation to yourself and your physical body consciousness, and by allowing yourselves to tap into your knowing of consciousness and its structure, so to speak, as it is manifest within your physical reality, you may also manipulate the energy to be merging with your physical expressions of consciousness in less of a thickness, so to speak.

The source of anger is frustration, unfulfilled expectation.

An action within energy occurs subjectively.  Your memory of dream activity is an objective translation.

In this, as you redefine yourselves, you also redefine your reality.


Be remembering, your impressions are your language to yourself.  Therefore, you have allowed yourself to become familiar with one aspect of your language to yourself, but you may also expand your vocabulary, so to speak, in your language by allowing yourself to become objectively clearer in your impressions, which shall allow you much more of a specific nature with your impressions.

as you allow yourself ANY slight movement in widening your perception or turning your perception, you in actuality alter the whole of your reality, for you are CHANGING your reality through this instrument of your perception, and it infiltrates, in a manner of speaking, every aspect of your manifestation.

On Spiritual Orientation (or focus)
For in these particular types of relationships, without that ingredient, so to speak, you may be likened to two identical magnets facing each other ... and therefore repelling each other.

Whereas, as you allow yourselves each to be turning your attention to self, and not complying with the automatic action of holding your attention upon the behavior and choices and expressions of the other individual and questioning of those choices and creations, you shall turn yourself, as this magnet, and you shall allow yourselves to be moving in what you term to be the same direction.

You are not turning away from each other.  You merely allow yourselves, in focusing upon self, to turn yourselves and your perceptions slightly, that you may both move to the middle and affix yourselves there.