Invisible Causes Of Failure
By Taylore Vance with Roi Halse ©1996

You can do all the right things in setting up your business or your life and still be unhappy. There are invisible forces behind the scenes that may be effecting your actions and therefore sabotaging your best efforts with customers, suppliers, or bankers if you have a business, or even your relationships in your personal life. The stage for success or failure is set first in the mind then played out as the role in what we call real life drama.

Ever wonder why some people seem to have it easier than you do? What is success based on? How hard you work? Your Education? Who you know? Being in the right place at the right time? What you think about your self? Your expectations? Do you feel you're good enough? Do you fear being successful? Are you having fear of Failure? Do you fear responsibility or fear you'll let someone down?

Self-sabotage at an internal level effects the outcome at the Physical level. Most people are unaware of the behind the scene activity in the mind that can push success away from them. Some people have an instinctive understanding of how this works and everything comes easy for them. Others have from varying degrees of understanding to complete lack of awareness of these forces. For lasting results it helps to find the root cause of the problems. You can learn to control the behind the consciousness activity yourself.

The symptoms of self sabotaging beliefs are stress, anxiety, frustration, worry, anger, and lack of energy. Self sabotaging beliefs are responsible for holding energy blockages in place in the body. These blockages lead to lack of health and well being in all areas of your life including your finances. Once these self sabotaging beliefs are removed a better flow of healing energy is restored. Health and well being are natural to the body. Natural abundance (including plenty of money) is a major part of our birthright and is available to all humankind. When you have great success it deprives no one else of anything.

The Universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality! Be sure you are projecting the correct picture that you want to manifest (show up) in your life. Are you master of your destiny or are you a "so called" victim of circumstance? We are not just isolated bits of protoplasm, all alone and unimportant. We are human beings with a large aura of energy circulating and interacting with everything and everyone else. Every thought, action, or desire effects the whole Universe at all levels. Why am I telling you this? Because you are creators and are orchestrating everything that happens to you by your beliefs, ideas about life and expectations. There is no such thing as being a victim, having an accident or bad luck. Everything that happens to you is there for a reason. It is a learning experience -- not bad luck. The reason for good or bad luck is because you did exactly what was necessary to make it happen whether you knew it or not.

Our thoughts and expectations (positive and negative) do shape how the world responds to us. We are not isolated and we can effect what happens to us. At some level in our psyche, even the subatomic level, there may be a little feeling of not being good enough, not working hard enough, not deserving of more money or a vow of poverty with which we have aligned. All these perverted beliefs are just like a computer program behind the scenes directing the action in everyday life. If they are not erased and replaced with positive and beneficial programs they will sabotage all your operations.

These hidden programs dictate to the Universe what the out come will be in all aspects of your life. Change your thoughts -- change your life! In our Cosmic Energetic Healing work we have learned to look for these little disturbances in the programs which we call energy blockages and remove them. We always replace them with an energy matrix plus positive affirmations in the present tense. Lack of adequate wealth is a sickness similar to all other dis-eases. Health and well being are natural to the human being -- not sickness and poverty. Those little energy blockages push away good opportunities to make money. You might consider those programs as "junk software" in your computer.

You can not get rich by feeling poor! What you send out you will get back!
One of our friends, Bob, who lives in Little Rock was about 50 years old when we met him. He was doing part time mechanical jobs in his shop. Some of the people would not pay him and a few customers just left the repaired equipment for months before they picked it up or paid. He was barely making a living.

One day while I was visiting him I heard him tell a customer "I'm just a poor boy and I don't have a lot of money." Guess what? He just told his subconscious mind how he expected his life to be. From the self talk we use we are creating our future. I explained to Bob how he was programming his mind by telling it he was only a poor boy. Since thoughts are things he could keep on expecting to scratch out only a marginal living. He listened and changed his self-talk. Today, seven years later, he now calls himself a master mechanic, has multiple income producing businesses, and is making 5 times more money.

Some people do all the right things to succeed, but fail because they have the belief that they will fail. Another client who owns a sports item manufacturing company wanted a little more income. We helped Julie increase her sales 300% by giving her two new words to say. When she changed her self talk to include these two new words she made 3 times more sales that year.

If you want your sales to increase you might say: "I want to increase my sales!" That is a good starting point, but it will not increase your sales. Why? Because you are coming from lack. The underlying thought is I don't have enough sales and I want sales! And the universe will hear I don't have enough sales and make the statement true. The universe will echo back to you exactly what you send out. The feeling of not having enough money gets you more of ......"not having enough money."

Can you lie to your subconscious mind and get results? No! Then what's the secret? Those two little words which increased Julie's income 300% were "EVEN MORE." By using the words: EVEN MORE, they weren't coming from lack. They had some and wanted even more. If it was money they wanted then they showed the Universe that they already had some. The client would look in her purse and take out some money. She would look at the money....nickels, dimes, dollars, doesn't matter how much as long as you have some. She would say, "I continually attract even more money."

When the money begins to flow in it is very important to acknowledge the success of having even more money by celebrating...even if it is just a little trickle of more money. The celebration and show of joy is the fuel to get even more money. Use emotion. Emotion excites the subconscious mind into action. You can also use it to say thank you when you start getting what you want. Emotion (E-motion) is energy in motion! You have to prime the pump of abundance to get it flowing into your life. "Thank you for having brought me even more spendable cash money!"

    Sample Affirmations for Prosperity:

  • I am always at the right place at the right time for even more good opportunities.
  • I am attracting even more opportunities for my successful businesses.
  • I am open to receive even more abundance in all areas of my life.
  • I am open to receive even more spendable cash money.
  • I am at one with a tremendous amount of money.
  • I deserve even more wealth and affluence.
  • All the things I am seeking and even more, are now FINDING me!

Controlling your consciousness is an ongoing process. Even as teachers we are constantly focusing our attention on "bringing even more success and joy into our lives." And it is working! Remember health and well being (wealth and abundance) is natural to you. You have to push health and well being away to experience lack and so-called bad luck. You push it away by holding on to or having hidden negative emotions. An energy clearing really helps to get rid of the feeling of unworthiness, disapproval of self and undeserving of abundance. Positive affirmations in an energy matrix redirect the energy to accomplish your goals and bring even more abundance into your life.