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guilt is the problem

Message: 2 Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 12:11:51 -0000
From: "lisa_natoli" <>

I got a message from beyond this time frame to read Chapter 13.

In this chapter is the solution to all my problems as well as the solution to all the problems in the world.

It says guilt is the problem and getting rid of guilt is the solution.

It says you are guilty in time but not in eternity. What this suggests to me is to GET YOURSELF INTO ETERNITY NOW! You do not accomplish this by dying. You do this by changing your mind.

One minute you are in time, in the world, in a body - guilty for being late, guilty for not doing what you want to be doing with your life, guilty for not following through with your goals, for not being true to your word, for not helping enough, for not being motivated enough (with your children, on your diet, with your job), for not having enough money, for having too much money, and the list goes on.


You are holy.

You are God's Son.

The darkness that you think is in you is ONE DARK CORNERSTONE called guilt. It's just one little stone. Obviously you can move it out of your awareness quite easily if you wanted's just a stone. One little black stone. You can remove it out of your thought system. You can do it right now if you desire.

You're not guilty and no one else is guilty.

What does guilt do? It has you betray yourself as well as everyone around you.

"You may wonder why it is CRUCIAL that you look upon your hatred and realize its full extent."

It says crucial. It says it is crucial you look upon your hatred. Most people have been so conditioned by society that they have tamed their hatred to something they call mild irritation or frustration. Please don't water down the emotion anymore. IT IS HATRED. And it is crucial you look upon it.

"You may also think that it would be easy enough for the Holy Spirit to show it to you, and to dispel it without the need for you to raise it to your awareness yourself."

What the problem is with people, individuals and the world is that we have learned to live with our fear and not be afraid of it. Here is the sentence Jesus uses:

"You are not seriously disturbed by your hostility."

Isn't that amazing? You are not seriously disturbed by your hostility. Most people don't even realize they have a problem that needs to be solved. They ignore their neighbor, co- worker, or family member, they sigh, they talk behind others backs, (they stab others in the back), they complain and yet ... they are not disturbed by their hostility.

Most people don't even realize these simple actions "which everyone does" is MURDER. We've been taught that murder is when you take a gun or a knife and kill someone dead. Well, I'm here to tell you that murder is when you talk about someone behind their back. Murder is when you tell someone they look ugly. Murder is when you turn the other cheek when you see someone who could use some help.

And then you feel guilty. Perhaps you are not aware of your guilt, and perhaps it manifests in other forms, but you cannot escape the effects of killing your brother. I'm sorry, but you cannot.

If you would look upon this hatred, upon your own actions, you will stop murdering your brother and yourself. This "dark cornerstone" called guilt will vanish from your awareness. Your body will be healed. The world will begin to transform.

Listen to this sentence:

"Your fear of attack is nothing compared to your fear of love."

What an amazing true idea. Most people are more afraid of being touched in love than having someone yell at them.

And now, here is the practice:


You must look upon your grievances. You must look upon your guilt. You must look upon your fears. You must look upon all the ways you keep yourself little, hiding your magnitude and grandeur. Look at all the things you do and think.

Make a list if that is helpful. You can get out a sheet of paper and a pen and start writing. These things are in your mind and you cannot get rid of them without looking at them. It's like dust. It doesn't go away magically on its own.

Look upon your illusions and do not keep them hidden.

Thank you for your participation in the healing of the world.

Love, lisa