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The Six Attributes of Human Power
from Kryon's " Partnering with God" Book VI, "Power of the Human Spirit" pg 41+

We wish to tell you about six attributes of power of the human spirit, three of which are obvious to you from our teachings, and three that are not. The first is the power of group meditation. You have started only recently to understand how much this means, and as we go down this list , we are going to tell you about some of the attributes of humanism in this New Age, which will make this comment about group meditation more poignant.

Group Meditation

There is incredible power in group meditation! Make no mistake. In the past we have asked you to medi-tate mainly for your own person, by yourself. We have told you the appropriateness of asking for your-self in co-creation when you're alone. There is also an appropriateness, however, when you get together to change this planet. As few as twelve of you is equal in power to a stadium filled with low-energy hu-mans. The old low energy is far different from what you have now, and we tell you that this group work can make a marked change for your planet.

When we tell you to get together, this means that you must get together in mind. It matters not how far apart you are (one of the rules of universal Spiritual law.) You can make a difference, for when you connect together equally concentrating on the same subject, you have no idea the power of INTENT transmitted. But each of you must be of a high vibration to accomplish this. So it's important that you pick your group carefully. Know indeed of their intent, for this is the main attribute. Judge not their lives or any other attribute, but the INTENT of the individual at the moment of the selection. This is one of the six attributes, and it will be more meaningful as we go forward. Consider doing it, for indeed it will make a difference in the planet. One of the most awesome things in this room, and from those reading this, is the power that exists within the humanity represented. This is why Kryon brings an entourage at all, and it is the reason you have the energy balance of the guides around you that this room an contain who you are. But this is hidden from you, and you see yourself only as a human walking the Earth in lesson. We look at you far differently, you see. That is why we love you so. That is why you know me and I know you. For you see, you were not always here. Your divinity is also mine.

Vibrating at a Higher Level

The next attribute is the power of the human being to achieve a higher vibration. Now, let me tell you that you are headed for a time when this planet is going to vibrate in a way that you have never ever imagined. You have changed much with your words of intent and with the love you have given to one another and to Spirit. You have accomplished a great deal. We tell you that it is not too long from now, (approximately 2012), when there is an opportunity -- a potential -- for something you have called the New Jerusalem: a change in vibration, a change in status, a change in humanism. And you have assigned may names and nomenclatures to dimensionality, some of which are almost accurate. But the truth is that dimensional change from one to another is mostly awareness of Higher Self, and the graduate level is to become so aware of the Higher Self that you become it, an have the power to remain in biology but within a high vibration that you have never seen yet on this planet! For those who wish to do so may gradually shift into these new dimensions and new vibrations. You have the purpose to do that, and in this New Age, the permission to do that.

So many who are vibrating at a higher level right now are the ones who know what I am speaking of. Some of you will say, "How do I know if I am vibrating at a higher level?" I would say that there are so many of you doing it that it is indeed a foolish question! This is a high level when you start to recognize who you are. This is the level that allows you to listen to this voice (of Kryon) and feel the love of Spirit. This higher level is a vibratory level that finally makes sense of life. Sit in that chair of gold! Almost everyone here is headed for a new energy vibration. Oh, dear ones, this is the vibration that makes us so happy and honor you so, for we see the potential of what is possible. There is so much hope for this planet! You may say, "With all of the things that are happening, I don't see how you could say that, Kryon." And we say, if you had any idea of what it could have been, you would be thankful that you're here at all! YOU have done this, and it's the consciousness in this room and with others like you that have made the changes. Very powerful, you are, as you vibrate higher than any other human being has been allowed to vibrate since the beginning of time on this planet. It is indeed the beginning of what you call ascension.


The third one is CO-creation We have spoken of this before. It is a powerful thing indeed you do when you co-create your own reality, for it uses the God-self. And guess where you are when you do your fin-est CO-creation? Sitting in the chair of gold with a crown on! --feeling your self-worth, feeling a part of the whole, knowing absolutely that you can create the reality that is around you --and do it in such a fashion that it touches no one else in a negative way. That's the secret, and that's the miracle of this gift. Your co-creative ability is something you do for yourself, but it allows positive spiritual attributes to re-volve around you. This is how you personally change the world in a positive way, and we're going to tell you more about that in just a moment.

Many have said, "Oh I've tried to CO-create my reality, but I seemingly failed. Things have not gone well; just take a look around." This is why we love you so much. Dear ones, you will not escape the tests. That is what being a human is all about. CO-creation is yours for the taking. We never promised that the timing would also be yours, so when you find yourself in a place that is difficult and the tears run down from your eyes and you wonder what is happening in your life, let each tear be on of honor! You are indeed creating the reality of your life, but the time frame might seem odd or even nonexistent to you. We have the overview, and you do not. Be patient, for we know where you are what you're do-ing. It's time for a change isn't it? Let the change begin with the energy in this room, when you realize, perhaps, that now is the time to sit "in the chair." See what has been missing in your life, and love that part of you that is God! Be patient with the timing of things, and know that you are loved in the process.

INTENT -- The Most Powerful Tool in the New Age

Now we get into three attributes that are new. They are not exactly new, but the descriptions may sur-prise you. We wish to tell you about the absolute power humans have in the new energy through high vibrational intent. You've never seen anything like it in all past history. Let me inform you where its power is on this planet. Any of those who are of a new vibrational level giving thought energy (intent) to anything will have more power than the old-energy human being who is not vibrating at that level.

For the first time on this planet, here is what that means: It means that the good (positive intent) can outweigh the bad (negative intent). It means that you have far greater power than those who would use their intent for nonlove-based thought. It means that you have nothing to fear whatsoever from any lower vibrational entity on this planet or off this planet --because YOU have the power! We have told you this in so many ways before, but this is special. Oh, this is special!

Some of you have been afraid of groups on this planet of low energy that seem to have abundant power. You have called these "the Secret Government." We are here to tell you something this night that is good news: They (the Secret Government) are in trouble! They have never seen anything like what you have. They cannot stand against an enlightened, high-vibrational energy light worker. They cannot stand! And you will see their efforts dwindle in the light of illumination from those like you who will have the power, not them. You may say, "But they have the abundance!" We say this is not important. What is important is the critical mass--the consciousness of the planet. Combined, you have the power! You sit in the new energy. This is your power. It resides within the new gifts you are realizing an claim-ing. It resides in the golden chair.

I ask you this, dear ones: What kind of an attribute would see a political prisoner in a country slowly be-come its president in the last few years? That's a high vibrational power at work. It's a change in con-sciousness of many, many humans. Those of low vibration, even with abundance and seeming endless power, will fade and fail, and the truth will come out. The critical mass of consciousness will have dis-cernment and make the decisions, and those who cower in secret and conspiracy will fail. This is good news, indeed, and it's under way.

What has made the difference? you might ask. INTENT! And also the ability to communicate quickly with others. WHEN EVERYONE CAN SPEAK INSTANTLY WITH EVERYONE ELSE, THERE CAN BE NO SECRETS!

We tell you, dear ones, that you sit in the driver's seat collectively, for YOU HAVE THE POWER, like nothing you have ever seen, The potential positive outweighs the negative. It's the first time in human history that this balance has gone in this way. Do you see what you have done? This is what it has been all about. This is what the test has been for. This is why you arrived on the planet, to see which balance it would be. This is the excitement. This is why the planet responds to you by vibrating higher and changing so greatly--did you notice the changes? They are in response to YOU! now, aren't' you glad that you are sitting in the golden chair? It's the chair of spiritual power, and it has the potential for shift-ing you entire future.


The next one we will call synchronicity, but it's so much more. Remember when Wo saw a door with names of unborn children? Our last channeling showed what that really meant. Remember Wo also saw the name "World Leader" on a door? Some thought this mean that Wo would have been a world leader if he had wanted to. As the last channeling showed, that was not the message at all. No. Wo in his lifetime had the ability to affect the future through synchronicity. It is the one who stood in the aisle this night who meditated and prayed with her relative who knows about synchronicity, for her action affected someone else. This other one will indeed affect someone else, and they will affect someone else. Some-where a child or two may be born that were waiting for synchronicity--for the love to be shared--for IN-TENT, you see. And that child has the potential for a destiny beyond your imagination. Do you see how much more this is than synchronicity, ear ones? This is the future of the planet, and it often revolves around what you do right now as an enlightened human.

This is a message for the healers here, too, this synchronicity. As you hear or read these word, there are those of you right now who ask, "What can I do?" I'm a healer and I know it. I'm seeing one person at a time. Sometimes they're helped, sometimes they're not; I'm tired. I help heal one person, one day--I heal another the next day, maybe, maybe not. I can't even tell anymore." You might wonder, "Is this chang-ing the planet?" And we say that's exactly what's happening! It is through the synchronicity of the one-at-a-time healings that you in this room, and you reading this are doing, that is going to make the differ-ence! You are the leading edge! there are no accidents regarding the mix of the ones coming to see you. Look at who they are, and know that through their healing, there will be the result o "unborn children," and that some of those will go on to do things that are special for the planet. They're waiting. How does that make you feel? Important in the scheme of things? Think about it!

Synchronicity. Future potential. One-at-a-time healing. There is so much power here! Look carefully at every single human who comes into your chamber for energy healing. You never know what's going to happen, or their potential contracts of responsibility. You may b the catalyst.

Years ago, my partner did not know me, and I wondered if he ever would. It was the synchronicity of the love that steered him into the right place at the right time, and he could not resist the logic of it be-cause he knew it was where he belonged. Do you see that if he had not honored the synchronicity of the messages, there would be no meeting this day, and there would be no reunion this day, and no book in your hand? This represents only one human. Can you imagine the power you have as healers, and the choices that are going to be made from those who feel the energy as you balance them and allow them to give permission to move on to the next level?


Now we get into the sixth one, and I will give you a word that you think you know the meaning of. I am speaking of love. Love makes the difference, does it not? It is what you've learned in these channelings. We have told you that the messages of Spirit are always filled with love, but we have been unable to truly define this for you, for it is not just the welling up and the emotions. It is not just the actions of one human being to another in times of stress. No. We're going to tell you what love is from a spiritual standpoint you see.

Love and physics are married, and I want you to take a trip with me to the nucleus of an atom, and around that nucleus is a vast void space--an "energy soup" as we call it. This energy soup has a bias, and the bias is the attribute of where the energy is at the moment. You might say, "Kryon, what are you do-ing talking physics? We're talking about love here!" I'm here to tell you that the bias of the energy soup is love. Now I'm going to tell you some other things. Only three or four times have your scientists seen something that is absolutely baffling to them, and if they knew the reality of this they would be hesitant to share it, for it does not seem "scientific." The fact is that the bias that takes place in the energy soup changes depending upon the energy in the room that it is in! Is it no wonder it's seldom the same? Can consciousness and love affect matter? Yes, and this is the mechanical aspect of it. This is the secret. They're interconnected. It is the stuff in the middle between the parts that is the love.

This sounds odd to you, but it is this interconnection that is the missing piece between science and spiri-tual thinking. It's this attribute that has been unrecognized that is the unexplainable part of why INTENT and love can change physical things. Do you know about miracles within the practical Earth plane that you are on? Do you know about those who have been healed spectacularly? Perhaps there have been bones placed where bones never were before. It's a miracle. Do you ever wonder what the mechanics of that were? It's physics, and LOVE is at the center of physics, you see. There are avatars on this planet that can manifest objects in their hands at will. Did you know this? Did you ever wonder what the phys-ics of this was? You see, it's SCIENCE. It's matter enhancement. It's LOVE. Perhaps it will be some time before those in science relate what they're looking at to how they're feeling, but it will indeed oc-cur!

We tell you this, dear ones, in all seriousness: Love is at the heart of physics! Is it any wonder that the consciousness of this planet can shift the mantle--can change the weather--can change the orbit of an astral body? It is not Kryon doing this. Kryon is here to report what YOU are doing. Is it any wonder that attributes that seem to be in place and immovable can be voided out forever? Oh, there's so much more to know about this energy soup, but the bias is LOVE. That is the consciousness of Spirit itself, and you as human beings are beginning to go into that vibration, to have power with it, and that is why the miracles are happening. That is why physics is related to spirituality. That's love.

Oh, and it's the physics and thickness of love that is what you feel now as we pour this love to you, and you know why? Because it's the cellular level and the atomic level that we're dealing with, and that's where the "welling-up" happens. That's where the emotional happens. It's because we are affecting every single moving part (atom) of your body. It's Spirit.

Who do you think is the powerful person on the planet? Well, you might say it's obviously the leader of the largest an most abundant country. We say no. We are talking now about Spiritual power. Power is defined by Spirit in this conversation this night as being that which can affect the vibration of the planet. That is power! Not political or economic. The one who has the power of the vibration of the planet will also hold the political and economic balance. And so we pose the question again: Who do you think the most powerful? Now you might say, "Kryon, I've heard these kinds of questions before. You're going to tell me it's me." Not this time. I'm going to tell you it's some of you. Right now on this planet, in this in-stant, in this moment, as we channel to you in all love, we tell you this: The one with the most power to change the vibration of the planet is the human mother. Later we will speak about the INDIGO children arriving on the planet. You, as mothers, have the power to create an entire generation of balanced hu-mans! Consciousness is the power of the future.