How to Live as Physically Immortal
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An Interview with Mony Vital, Ph.D.
by Kirstin Miller for The Psychic Reader, March 99

We talk about time a lot. Usually, were complaining to each other that we don’t have enough of it. In the back of our minds, we cant see how we'll ever be able to squeeze in everything we want to experience before our time is up and we're, you know, dead.

If we enjoy living, time keeps getting more precious as we march on towards the grave. We don’t want to waste it. On the other hand, if we don’t particularly like our life experience, we look forward to either better times in heaven, or having another go of it in some other incarnation. But whether we love life or just tolerate it, most of us would agree that its going to end at some point.

So, for most of us, the concept of living forever (in the same body) isn’t even a logical topic for discussion. Immortality is something that concerns the undead vampires and ghoulish creatures, ala Bram Stoker and Anne Rice novels. Lets face it, death is just a fact of life.

Or is it?

What is death, anyway? Is it a concept, or purely a biological outcome of the human condition? What do we mean by life expectancy an expectation, an educated guess, a statistical degree of probability? What if we all expected to live for, say, five or six hundred years? Or forever?

I recently met a man who does expect to live forever. Mony Vital, Ph. D., is the author of Life Unlimited, An Exploration of Physical Immortality as Clinical and Therapeutic Model. His book explains how to go about living as though you're never going to die. Farael’s views on life and death definitely challenge the basic tenants of our present cultural mindset. If nothing else, our conversation forced me to take a closer look at some of the core beliefs on which I base my reality.

Lately, I’ve even been thinking: What if I could live forever or at least three or four hundred years? Maybe, just maybe, there really are no limits....

Kirstin: What’s our current take on life?

Vital: The general belief right now is that we have no choice but to end up old and dead. These beliefs that we accept are cultural beliefs. They work for the culture. However, as individual human beings, its not practical for us to be living within a framework of death.

You talk about our struggle to cope within this cultural mindset. As a result, you say that we exist in a constant state of unease physically, mentally and emotionally. Can you comment some more?

The belief in death is the deepest and most profound belief we ever take on. Once we accept this, it becomes part of the blueprint of our bodies. Every cell, every action we take, is connected to this belief. So basically, what’s happening to us is that we are not able to function as alive humans. Instead, we're functioning as dying beings. That itself promotes decay and dysfunction in the body, whether its mental, emotional or physical.

So we have programmed our bodies to operate within a specific framework of time. What does the body believe before it gets programmed? A baby is born free. A little child doesn’t know anything about death. They have no idea. They are alive, they have lots of spirit; as a matter of fact, to introduce themselves they sometimes take their clothes off and display themselves naked to their guests! That’s because they’re connected to their bodies.

However, the moment they start learning about the cultural beliefs of aging and death, they start fearing life. The way the system works, once we get the belief, it goes into the subconscious. The subconscious affects the immune system directly. I’ve found out that we actually have two immune systems: a primary and a secondary. This will be proven years from now. The second immune system is a very fluid system that can instantly effect our behavior physically and emotionally. Within minutes of accepting an idea, we can switch and change the totality of our energy. At the same time, we can reverse whatever we brought in previously. This secondary system is very powerful. Its wonderful, actually, because it works for us as much as it works against us.

Its a very interesting proposition.

Its definitely an eyebrow raising statement. My doctorate is in clinical hypnosis. And after doing this work for many years, I realized that if I can change the belief about a behavior, of the function or dysfunction, I can change the outcome of that behavior. If I can do it with ease for small things, I can do it with the larger view of the human. Its all built on a belief system. No human can die unless they believe in death.

That’s hard to believe! But then, in the beginnings of the Biblical era, people seemed to live four and five hundred years on average.

Everybody before Abraham lived hundreds of years. You want to know why? Its because they didn’t believe in death. It wasn’t an issue. It wasn’t discussed. They just lived in the given moment and enjoyed their lives. Any death that occurred was not from age, but from accident. Abraham was the turning point in the course of human development. He created organized religion as we know it. As a matter of fact, his action is the number one cause of death in the human. I'll explains that to you: Abraham brought two aspects of life into one place. He brought the concepts of God and death together. All organized religion, or any sect, or any group of people, must have that element to become organized.

And to control.

Yes. You cannot be a group unless you have those two issues available to you together. Separately, they don’t work. God by itself has nothing to do with death. Death by itself has nothing to do with God. But brought together, the death issue is the hammer and God is the carrot. Its a system created to scare you, to make a need for you to obey. It uses fear and intimidation, and on the other hand, uses God as the savior, as the figure of He who will take care of you.

But He wont really reward you until after you’re dead, right?

Yes. This system is very efficient. Its the most productive marketing tool ever created in human history. There’s been no adjustment needed from the time of Abraham until today.

What about the other religions?

They’re all the same. Even the beliefs of tribal people they have to believe in death and in God. Those two together.

So I don’t suppose you have a religion.

Yes, this is the only philosophy that does not include death in it. Therefore, it is not a religion, because you cannot have a religion that’s not based on death. My belief is based only on life. I do not accept death as a possibility; in my life or anybody else’s life, unless that person accepts it, wants it.

The prevailing attitudes of the culture right now are centered on modifying their stand about departure from this life. Many people are converting to other religions. They are confused. They can’t find answers, so they switch from one religion to another. But it doesn’t help. It’s only the stories that are different. The outcome is all the same.

What are we looking for?

Once a person gives up their physical body option in favor of only a spiritual option, they’ve already decided they’re going to die. Therefore, the only safe place left to go is into the mind. Then it’s only a matter of time before the body begins to deteriorate. So it really doesn’t matter what religion a person is accepting.

Just variations on a theme...

Once you decide something, the body will create it for you. Every time you say something to your subconscious, your subconscious prepares you to do that. The job of the subconscious is to facilitate all your wishes, needs and beliefs. If we want to die, then we facilitate this process. Actually, the body already knows the date of its death. We’ve all thought about it, we’ve seen it in visions, we’ve made a decision about it according to the belief system that we know.

When do we make this decision?

Probably in the teenage years. However, we can change those conditions. We can change our view of death. All we have to do is change our perception of who we are. We can rid the death beliefs from our bodies.

That’s the process you write about in Life Unlimited.

LAPI. Its a process.

Can you talk about some of the components?

To start with, you have to discard all death beliefs from your body. You have to deprogram your body: physically, mentally, and emotionally. You have to get the beliefs of death out of every cell. Then, you have to bring in beliefs of life. You see, in this culture, everybody assumes we are alive just because were breathing. And that’s totally and absolutely not true. This is only a belief. There’s no such thing as aging either. Aging is just a nice word for this person is dying. The culture finds nice words so as not to offend or disturb that person in the process of dying - that person who has no future, no possibility. There is only pretending, misery and pain.

Softened by material comforts.

Absolutely. Unfortunately, that’s the stereotype of people who have no future. You must have a future every day! So, to go back to your question. We must choose to be alive every day. We must make that choice! You see, if we don’t make the choice, we are accepting the cultural belief. We are running on a default mode. Its like a computer. If you don’t choose, the computer chooses for you.

But isn’t that sort of an overwhelming task? Its a pretty well ingrained belief. At least, there’s lots of evidence out there in favor of the certainty of death.

Well, lets talk about that. What’s important to us? Is the culture more important than you? You see, you have to make a distinction here, a definition of who you are. Who controls you? Are you going to control yourself as a free and unique human being? Or are you going to be like a sheep, following the leader? Of course, if you are thinking differently and behaving differently, people are going to look at you like an abhorrent, like a stranger, like a freak. And they will be afraid of you because they don’t know about you. People want to be comfortable.

They want a group agreement about how its going to be.

They all want to agree. If they don’t feel comfortable with it, then there’s something wrong with you and they’re shy of you. I say to consider this: What are the possibilities? What are the choices? How do you want to take care of yourself? I’m here for me, because the only changes I can make are within me. I can’t change you or anybody else.

This culture that we live in is a culture of death. I have nothing against it. I’m part of the culture. I love the people here. This is my world. But I can look at it from another point of view and give you my observations.

But you must care about others.

Caring is one thing. But changing reality I can only do within myself. I can change my behavior. I can change my cells. I can change my beliefs. I can change my actions. But I cant do it in anybody else. Each one of us as an individual. But that’s not the belief of the culture. The culture says that we must be responsible for everybody else. That’s one of the beliefs that keep us down. It's not good for our health. It's good for the cultural health, but its not good for the individual's health.

We're born, we get an education and then a job so we can buy things. Then we're usually allowed to have a little fun before we get really old.

We live in fear, because were afraid were not going to live as long as we need to live. Were constantly reminded of our mortality. And that in itself keeps us from being an alive human being!

If we all thought we were going to live forever, or at least for a few hundred years, I think we'd treat this place, this planet, differently.

That’s right. We'd treat the planet differently; we'd treat each other differently too. Most people, when I tell them I’m speaking about physical immortality, their first reaction is, Oh no, I don’t want to be alive, I want to leave because I don't really like my life. Maybe they think if they leave and come back with a new body they won't have any more problems. This is because they’ve discarded the physical option in favor of a spiritual solution. Now, I'll ask you: Are we a spiritual being having a physical experience, or are we a physical being with a spiritual attribute? I don’t know. Which ever it is, we do know we belong to that one body. Once we give up the physical option, that’s it for that body. Once were dead, we don’t know what’s really going to happen, because nobody has come back from the dead to tell us. All the beliefs we have about the afterlife are based on myths. They are beliefs. And all beliefs are baseless. If you look in the dictionary under belief, you’ll see it's acceptance without complete certainty. However, once we accept a belief as a truth, we project it outward and it becomes our experience.

So you’re saying the body is the only sure thing.

The body is the only thing we have that contains all of us. All of our energy is in the body. Our mind, our spirituality, our organs, everything is housed in this body of ours. We have to treat our body as though its a kingdom. Because without a body, who are we, really?

Deepak Chopra talks about the mind-body connection and people are listening to him. Do you agree that this dialogue is becoming more mainstream?

A little bit. Deepak started this conversation. He brought to our consciousness new possibilities and asked very beautiful questions. For example, he asks: If our bodies are reproducing our organs every few months, why do the same dysfunctions appear in the organs again over time? What controls this? Our brain? What is it? What keeps this dysfunction alive in the new organ?

The answer is, we have not changed the beliefs and so the organ cannot change. If a person changes his beliefs about himself long enough to have a cycle of growth, then the new organ can replace itself without the dysfunction!

I think most people would call that a miracle.

The medical community uses this term so they don’t have to prove it.

You say that when living as physically immortal, fun and joy are standard choices, and your work should be something that you love, otherwise its not an option.

Physical Immortality is a process where we are free to choose. At times, you have to practically step out of your body to have the power and the vantage point of looking down at yourself. You have to see yourself in the context of your environment, your neighborhood, your city, your country, with your people. Look at how you are acting. How is your life? Is this what you need? Make choices from that place, where you can see the bigger picture, from a place where’s there a future for you to look at. As our culture operates right now, we have no vision of the future because everything operates within the cultural beliefs.

There are so many limits.

Its all about limits. We are so limited that we can't even see the limits themselves! You really cannot ask questions if you don’t know what they are. They are not available to you. You must know about them to learn about them. In the accepted realm most of us live in, we don’t know what we don’t know. And of course, this culture does not look very nicely on people who speak of physical immortality. It's taboo.

It's blasphemy.

It's blasphemy, and this is a taboo conversation, because we must have God involved and death involved. Now, I believe in God. I totally believe in God. I’m connected to God. I speak to God every day. I tell my Creator everything that I’m going to do. But I must make the decision for myself first. I choose what I want to do, then I get the Creator's okay on it. I’m not asking the Creator to do it for me. I make my own decisions. The bottom line is, if I don’t take care of me, nobody will.

The culture really doesn’t care about your well being. The doctor doesn’t. Its a business. Medicine doesn’t care if you’re healed or not. The only person who really cares is you about you, for you. You have to make those decisions. We give our power away. We give 20% to the clergy, 40% to God, and the rest we give to the doctor!

So besides changing our beliefs, what does living as though physically immortal entail? Any special regimens?

Well, like I mentioned, to start with you have to reprogram your belief system.

That might take awhile...

It's an ongoing process. It's a life work, but it's not a hard work. There’s no investment; you don’t have to buy anything. There are no pills or vitamins involved. It's all about you being you. Affirm yourself every morning. Say to yourself, I love you, I'll takes care of you, I'll makes you feel safe and happy. That means all day, the subconscious is going to try to make you feel good. If you don’t do that and you’re listening to the radio, all you’re going to hear is how many people died in car accidents or how bad the traffic is. That’s going to set the tone for your day. You are going to be depressed from the get go. Same with TV. All they’re doing is getting your mind off your own problems. That’s what it's set up to do. Its called Soft Mind Control. The industry uses that term. That’s how they sell you things. If you go to church, it's a deeper mind control. There's an instant altered state when you walk into a church or synagogue or mosque. So what we need to do is get rid of the death beliefs, affirms our lives every day, and clear up our childhood trauma. This is what holds us connected to our death beliefs and dysfunctions.

What do you mean by childhood traumas? Do they have to be really bad or does everyone have them?

Well, there's no such thing as a perfect childhood. Issues and events arise, and we make decisions accordingly. We have to clear them so we can make decisions knowing that the past is not affecting our vision. We don’t want to cloud our vision of the future by bringing the pasts influence into it.

But there’s always going to be traces of the past there.

The past is always with us. We can't get rid of it, we can't change it. But we can make it work for us. That’s one of my specialties. I do childhood trauma clearing. I do not do psychotherapy or counseling. I stick to this specific process. Right now I work with energy medicine. Its very effective and very fruitful. I get excellent results.

Now that you are reprogrammed and clear of trauma, how do you think about life? Do you see things in big huge chunks of time? How do you go through your day?

I affirm myself every morning. I tell myself how much I love myself, how much I appreciate my life. That sets the tone for my day. So I get up with energy and vitality. Time is not an issue. I’m not in a hurry.

Do you make plans?

I make lots of plans. Absolute plans. I’m good at counting on time when I make a plan. There’s no rush. I can plan years in advance. I can see myself in one hundred years two hundred years into the future and more.

We need to see ourselves alive in the future. That’s the key. You see, most people who believe in death cant see into the future. When I ask a person at the age of fifty to close his eyes and look twenty years down the road, he’s probably going to say he’s old, sick or dead. He has no vision of the future for himself. From that moment on, he’s practically dead already. But if he changes that, if he says, what are my possibilities? Can I live thirty more years, or more? If he can, his subconscious is gong to accept this more beautiful vision. It’s called a Future Self vision. We can personally design the way we look, the way we feel, our hobbies...all in the vision. If there is no vision, there is nothing.

Nowhere to go.... A dead end.

You must have a dream, a vision, for it to happen. You must call it by name. If there is no name to it or a description, its not there. It’s nonexistent. So this one thing you always have to do. You have to see it, visualize it, call it, name it, make it happen.

Not just wish for it.

Oh no. Make it happen. You see, the universe will let you have everything and anything you want if you know what you want. Most people do not know what to request in their life. They accept the culture that says they must live in pain and misery. They think that’s okay because that’s what’s expected from them and because that’s the way of God. That’s totally untrue. I don’t see why anybody in their right mind would accept pain and misery and say that’s okay.

For further information or to comment about Physical Immortality, you can call Life Unlimited Research Network at 1-888-225-7501.