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Karma and Reiki
by John Veltheim

Reiki practitioners have observed, over many years, the particularly powerful affect Reiki has on Karma and Karmic diseases. Traditionally, the soul is our stored memory of this and other lives. The soul is an energy archetype which also processes our Karma. 

This energy archetype acts like a more refined and eternal version of our physical energy blueprint. It is constantly evolving and fluxing according to the life patterns we choose.

Mythologically, Karma follows the principle: ‘What you reap you sow.’ This view is, unfortunately, often oversimplified. We see concepts like - if you kill, you will be killed either in this life or the next life; or if you steal, you will be a victim of theft. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth mentality. 

Karma isn’t that simple. Karma can be related more to an internal bow string. When our bow string is relaxed, we are in a state of peace. Our karma is in a state of balance and harmony. People in this state have neutral karma. 

In life, we often do things that are against our own inner understanding of what is right/wrong - good/bad - harmonious/inharmonious. Each time we do something wrong/bad/inharmonious, we create a tension in the bow string. We create a karmic debt. 

What is right or wrong is relative to us. It stems from cultural and personal belief systems. For example, in some cultures stealing is not a bad (karmic) crime. The pigmy culture in the Congo in Africa do not have a word in their language for stealing because they don’t ‘steal’ things. They have community property and they ‘borrow’ things. They don’t understand the concept of stealing. If they take an ax and don’t bring it back, they have not created a karmic debt because they don’t understand the concept of it being stolen. (They have merely borrowed it for a long time!) 

We see this in our own society in different ways. A soldier who kills in the line of duty is not the same a murderer who coldly murders someone for gain or profit. It also follows that karmic debt has little to do with the prevailing laws of a country. What is legal in one country may be highly illegal in another. (Alcohol is legal in the USA but illegal and sinful in many Muslim countries.) What counts from a karmic point of view is whether we feel we have unbalanced our system. Obviously if we have many strong judgmental belief systems and are locked in to a lot of ‘should’s in our lives, then we will create our own misery in the form of a lot of karmic debt. Our internal bow string will be constantly under tension.

When we create a tension in this bow string, we have to find a way to release it. Very often, this tension accumulates from many different little things. Several petty deviancies from our ‘code of life’ can create tension equivalent to one serious incident. 

It should also be made clear that karma doesn’t accumulate from genuine mistakes no matter how serious, unless we choose to punish ourselves. In this case, the karmic tension comes from the disharmony created by the masochistic punishment rather than from the original mistake. Karmic debt only occurs when we make conscious decisions against our well being. 

Eventually, the tense bow string has to return to its original position. This can take place through a series of ‘events’ happening to us. These events will, hopefully, result in a shift in our awareness. (Remember, it was our lack of awareness/consciousness that got us this way in the first place.) 

If we don’t learn from the event our system finds another way — karmic disease.

Karmic diseases relate to the soul which, in turn, relates to the liver system. The liver system includes the liver, gall bladder, eyes, (we see the soul in the eyes) muscular system and the immune system. (The liver creates the antibodies.) 

Psychologically, the liver system relates to decision making (gall bladder) and planning (liver). The liver plans the chemical system of the body and we make plans before we decide.

The yin of the liver is the fascia of the muscles. This is why deep tissue structural integration (rolfing) can have such a profound affect on the psyche and character of a person. The structure of the person is directly reflected in the character and ‘soul.’ Change the structure by changing the fascia of the muscles (yin of the soul) and you change the person.

The yang of the liver is found in the wei chi (protective energy) of the body which flows on the skin. The wei chi protects us from injury, promotes healing, protects from the elements (wind, cold etc.) protects us from psychic phenomena and is our body’s way of synthesizing our interactions with the world. Healthy wei chi means that we respond rather than react. We respond to the world in a healthy way rather than doing things that will create a karmic debt. 

Simply - a person with perfectly harmonious wei chi and muscle fascia is a person in perfect health and karmic harmony.

In my opinion, Reiki works on the wei chi first. By harmonizing the wei chi, the Reiki is having a profound affect on the karmic balance of the person. This may be to directly harmonize them, if the disharmony is mild, or to catalyze an ‘event’ in their lives which will bring about the necessary awareness to change their lives.

It would stand to reason that to ultimately balance the karmic bow sting, the perfect combination is Reiki and body structural integration or BodyTalk.