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Reiki - its Role in the Healing Professions
by John Veltheim

Most of the mainstream healing practices such as medicine, drug therapy, surgery, chiropractic, natural therapy and acupuncture are systems that are working on the utilization of the physical forces of the universe and the scientific principles involved with those forces. They are tangible, have specific roles, and can be very powerful. 

How powerful they are depends upon the skill and training of the individual practitioner. Everyone is different. What will work well for one person doesn’t necessarily work well for another. Chiropractic can be very beneficial for many patients. Conversely, there are many other people for whom chiropractic is not appropriate. These people receive more benefit from structural balancing, rolfing or acupuncture. The same occurs with acupuncture. Effective for many, not so effective for some because of their state of mind, belief systems, attitudes or the energetic state of their body. All systems have their place and value in society. 

Reiki does not fit into the same category as these systems because Reiki is not something that is learned or requires certain skills from the practitioner. It is acquired as a manifestation process through an Initiation Ritual performed only by a Reiki Master utilizing symbols (patterns of energy). The focused thought patterns of the Reiki Master utilize the mystical symbols to connect the student to the Void. This also directs a specific manifestation into the Chakras in the hands that can then flow as pure energy on demand. 

This is a rare phenomenon because even the energy that flows out from the hands isn’t really the Reiki. Reiki is consciousness. It only becomes a physical energy when it is drawn into the manifest world by the presence of disharmony and the intent of the practitioner. Once it enters the body it becomes tangible much the same as all the other energies we deal with in Acupuncture, Touch for Health, etc. The other systems, however, utilize the indigenous energies of the body, atmosphere, aura and meridian system. They utilize energy that already exists by directing and manipulating it. 

In the physical world, energy cannot be created or destroyed — just changed. In quantum physics, we know that this law is no longer valid. Reiki energy is actually being created/manifested by consciousness from the Void. As Reiki is enabling people to connect with the higher levels of consciousness, its limitations are only those imposed upon it by our own limited insight. 

Some Reiki practitioners use it as a first-aid tool and to help some friends overcome health problems. Others use it to enhance meditation, a tool for spiritual growth, as a way of life, as a philosophy and as a means of raising their vibration to a higher level of awareness. We can take it at far as our minds, belief systems and attitudes allow us. Reiki is one of the few systems in the world to give a tangible manifestation of pure energy that we can feel and interpret instantaneously. Reiki is proof that there is far more to life than the physical sciences.

Not everyone in the world can or should be initiated into Reiki because many are not ready to experience or accept that level of consciousness yet. As the world grows and people become more aware of the dynamics of energy and consciousness, there will be more people drawn to Reiki. They will want to experience Reiki as part of their personal and spiritual growth.