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On the Necessity for, and Promise of, a Unified World Governance

What the world needs, and is promised, is unified governance, and in its absence,  the preparation for it. 

It is evident that we, as a world, are preparing for it both personally and universally. 
Not only is it the promise of all three Abrahamic faiths, its very necessity and our evident preparation for it will create the space for it and it must then arise. 

In Preparation for A Unified Governance

The Confluence of Muslim and Christian Teachings

A Comm-unity of believing Muslims, Christians and Jews lies in the understanding and religious teaching that the world not only stands in need of Unified Leadership, but that its arrival is a promise in all our faiths, and that in our human evolution we are preparing for it. 

The new concept of the Oneness, or Unity, of Religion requires only the given understanding that all people are, in one way or another, created by and believers in the One God Who created them, or not. And if not, then that is a personal peril. But the social preparation by nations and the United World Religions for the emergence of a Unified World Leadership requires that warring sects cease in mutual understanding, or not, and be destroyed. War is hell. Peace is Heaven. The choice is ours.

This is an especially pertinent message to all peoples of religion whose favorite pastime is derogation of others in favor of themselves and their own personal belief that they are on the right path and others are destined for the fires of hell eternally. This tendency is human universally among religions and spiritual beliefs, but the correction of these misunderstandings is the responsibility of the people of each religion, so that the One Truth of the existence of God and His Infinite Mercy To All may arise prevalent. 

The concept of the Mahdi, the Hidden and Awaited Guide, is probably little known in the world of Christian peacemakers, but it is a very real and thoroughly viable parallel to the Christian belief in the Second Coming of Jesus, which is also believed in and adhered to by Muslims.