/ The Spiritual Quest of Iran ~

The ideas on these pages are being written for presentation to many of the various organizations for world peace. It is the intent of the author to point out to western peacemakers a little known and very important part of world religion and society, specifically the esoteric understanding of the Shi`a in general as to the true nature and purpose of the Islamic revelation and reality. It is entitled "The Spiritual Quest of Iran". 

It is hoped that it will be of value not just for the West, but may serve as a reminder to all of us as to what our real purpose, and the purpose of Islam, here on the planet is - to add our value to the peace, love and joy and harmony for all of humanity. 

Peace and love is the work not just of newborn babes and little children but the work of the intelligent and the innocent and the wise and the knowing people of the world. We Muslims may have blown it the first time as history shows that Islam changed into a religion for the strictly selfish reasons of personal salvation and escape through conformity from tyrannical persecution. We should by now know better and we cannot afford to fail again.

Please take into consideration the rapidly rising Sunrise in the West. Realize that the American people are quickly realizing God in all things (abundant evidence is available for those who would care to notice) and are for the most part on the side of peace and international Unity. We ARE taking care of our internal affairs. The healing movements taking place in the United States are unprecedented in world history, and gaining rapidly in momentum, as they are destined to do. 

The new/old interpretations of significant meanings represented on these pages are certainly mine, and I do believe them to be the accepted and true meanings. But even if I am wrong, an intelligent reader will see how they are being put into practice in the search for enlightenment, guidance and success by the growing numbers of people worldwide. This search is indeed, or will certainly lead to, the search for a Universal World Guidance and the investigation of the Shi`a `Ithna `Ashari, or "Imamiyya" understandings of the implementation of the true Islamic teachings will certainly arise. We must be prepared. 

The more the teachings of the Imamiyya are implemented in a reasoned acceptance of current events, the more they will be recognized and accepted and dealt with by the world in the manner they were intended. I know for a fact that these reasonings are very popular and mainstream among the practically minded scholars of present day Iran, and I present here with them my reasoning as to why the limiting, personally fearful and controlling views of the letter-strict and punishment-oriented thinking of the current controllers of Irani affairs must be changed. It is for the good of the world, and certainly in keeping with the wishes of the hidden guide of us all. I hope that this presentation of the new/old facts will be considered in the proper spirit and assisted by the will of a reasoning people and clergy. 

People want and need personal liberation first, then they will tend to the problems of the world. It is only when we stop blaming the world for our personal problems that we will solve them, and stop needing the world to change for us to be happy.Then the world will change. It is my contention that not until there are a sufficient number of spiritually liberated people (i.e. free and choosing Muslims consciously surrendered) to guarantee the ultimate success of the movement will the Imam appear, and that it is those understanding the true liberation who will be true assistants to the Imam. The rest will be, as it should be, guided by their quest for freedom and will be helped, not hindered. For it will happen, sooner or later.

The student agitiaion is for liberation, free will and change. It is only from there that they can make the choice, or not, to accept, study and implement the teachings of Islam for world peace. The lifting of any fear for the need of popular oppression of the students of Iran will lead only to that preparation. It will and must happen anyway, and is not a bad thing, as I will continue to explain. Oppression will be no more and the light of self-governance will arise in the hearts of all people, this is a guaranteed outcome. Why not simply accept it now? 

I define Muslim as "liberated through being consciously surrendered, and following an inner guidance toward a unified and benevolent self-govenrance for the benefit of the people". Free Guided Muslims (surrendered) - is that not our goal of our society? The goal of our society is one, that liberated and guided people come together to discuss means of betterment for the world.