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The Meaning of "Imamiyya"

The Imamiyya are the Muslims who believe in, study and prepare for the advent of the Imam al-Mahdi, the twelfth descendant of the Prophet Muhammad who is believed to be still alive and waiting for the world to prepare for his emergence from occultation and just leadership. 

The incredible body of knowledge that has been gathered and preserved in the course of this work toward preparing the world for just government is of inestimable social value, and the teachings, research and findings of the Shi`a cannot and should not be taken lightly or dismissed as irrelevant. 

The advent of the Imam is an article of faith for the majority of Muslims, Shi`a and Sunni alike. It is widely recognized the Islamic equivalent to the awaiting of the Second Coming of the Messiah, which is also believed in by the Muslim majority. In fact, the Islamic belief is that they will arrive together and work in concert to unify the truth of Faith in and Surrender to the One God, which will bring the final peace and unity to an evolved humanity. 

It is in this belief that the prophecies of all the founders of major world religions will come true. That there will be peace on earth and that the humble shall inherit a heavenly dwelling place, and that those who fought against it shall have no place in it. 

This body of social harmony and justice teachings is preserved and developed in the Muslim religious universities all over the world and held in the hearts of most believers. Why then should it not be known and understood by universalists and world peace ideologists searching for an ultimate form of just world governance?