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"New Thought" Christianity in the Light of Islam

A Word about New Thought and how it conforms to all religious and spiritual teachings of Unity and is opposed to sectarian Christianity. 

I've often imagined myself as, and may even yet be, a good Christian minister. This is in keeping with the Sufi and Islamic precept of teaching to the people what they need to know in accordance with their knowledge and understanding at the moment, i.e. administering to their needs. And that is a principle of Just Government. But becoming a minister has, up until the advent of New Thought, been undesirable and impossible for me because of my unwillingness to speak in sectarian terms contrary to my beliefs and understandings. 

Christians are for the most part good people and they need help too. And when allied in an understanding unity with the peaceful goals of the real Islam, they are a necessary and major force in the efforts of religion, unity and peace to establish a successful world governance once and for all. The real Unity, which we all love and rely upon, is strong, and it is by means of this Unity that we, as inhabitants of this planet, will eventually overcome adversity. 

New Thought Christianity is exactly the message of Jesus, as he himself will bear witness on the day of true judgement, and it should be brought to the rest of Christendom. It is totally the right message for Christians and places them directly under the protection and guidance of God Himself and therefore under the respect and protection of any true universal government. This is especially true of any "Islamic" implementations of government, since it is well known that all peaceful beliefs and peoples are to be protected and encouraged to seek deeper into themselves, since eventually their search will lead to a true and easily accepted understanding of Islam. 

Allah says in Qur`an "Indeed you must be victorious if you are true believers." This does not mean victorious simply by means of conquest since we as Muslims are only to conquer those who seek to conquer us, but it means victorious by means of invitation through open dialog and negotiations with those who are peaceful and amenable. 

The opposition of New Thought to sectarianism is overt and the reasons are obvious. New Thought is the direct awakening and awareness teachings of Jesus to his people and to the people who profess to believe in him. It is to Christendom as the Qur`an is to the Arabs, i.e. come to set right what has gone astray and to confirm that which is true from the messages that came before. It is, in a sense, the very Second Coming, or, if not, most certainly the preparation of the people for that Second Coming. Muslims and Christians believe rightly in this event, as do many other faiths. Muslims, however, believe also that the Mahdi, the rightly guided one from among them, who is a direct line descendant from the family of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), will arise simultaneously to unify and lead the world in prayer and to establish a just, peaceful benevolent governance in the land once and for all. This is not to be the governance by the sword of force and imposition of will, as many people fear and expect. Absolutely not. It is true that opposition to it will be dealt with strongly and the guilty will be punished appropriately to their offence. But it will be a government that is truly in accordance with the wishes of the peaceful people. Just, Fair, Merciful and Benevolent, just what we need and have always wanted. 

It is said that the Mahdi's implementation of Islam will be so strange to the people who expected it differently that they will not recognize it and turn away from it, seeking it elsewhere in the land until they cannot find it and are forced to return to him and accept his guidance. Such is now the concept of a true and everlasting peace in the hearts of the offended and vengeful people, many of whom are Muslims. But the healing work must be done. 

So it is not to be thought that a truly Surrendered or "Islamic" government under the administration of such people of quality as the Mahdi and the Messiah would not be the actual heaven on earth that the true believers and humble people of the world believe is possible and are thirsty for. It will surely be that. "And upon the friends and believers in God there shall be no fear nor shall they grieve" (Qur`an). This is exactly the promise of all the revealed scriptures and teachings brought by all the prophets and true visionaries. The prophet Muhammad taught that true vision is a 46th part of prophecy. This is because it in harmony with truth - and that harmony lends weight and force to the truth and thereby helps the truth to manifest. This is why we are asked, even commanded, to stay on the side of truth and abandon all attachment to falsehood. This is the very Surrender that is also the practice and teaching of the Buddhists. 

Rest assured that Muslims in the world will never be given control as long as they are under the driving influence of their fearful, vengeful and domineering selves. This is a problem for Muslims. The sooner Muslims in the world wake up and settle their own affairs and set right their own transgressors with right education, love and understanding and punishment exercised with Justice, Forgiveness, Understanding and Mercy, the sooner the world will be ready for the promised benevolent and peaceful government. And it is our job and duty to God prepare our hearts, minds, bodies and souls for that. 

And it will be alongside of and in cooperation with the Christians, and the Buddhists, and all the peaceful people of the world, so get used to it. It is the rule of "Peace Now" which will correct and set right the transgressions of the past and prevent them with mercy, understanding and benevolence in the future. It is predicted that many and most of the Christians will become - which means that they are already and whether they know it or not at this point is irrelevant - Muslims. This is evident in the understandings of New Thought, which are based solely upon the singular concept of Surrender to a Benevolent God. And Muslims begin everything with "Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem", with the name of Al-llah!, the Beneficent, the Merciful. And in our call to prayer, heard all over the world five times a day, we say "Hayya `ala as-Salah, Hayya `ala as-Salah, Hayya `ala al-Falah, Hayya `ala al-Falah, Come to prayer, come to prayer, come to success and prosperity, come to success and prosperity. 

As long as our people are not in keeping with the true unity there will be disunity and the perception of necessity for a fearful, oppressive government will remain. When the people demonstrate that they are both peaceful and self-governing, their power will be obvious and manifest, and the fearful need for oppressive government will disappear. It is then that the just leaders will emerge. Until such time they will remain hidden. It's as simple as that. And of course there will be those who will out of fear want to cling to their old ways, and many will resists futily and need to be convinced with arms to surrender their old ways of fear and oppression or die in their attempt to remain established. And many will be killed in the heat of the struggle simply because their offenses were too grievous to the people to be pardoned. But nevertheless, a genuine peace, with a true and loving government based on Social Harmony and Benevolence will rule. It is not only promised, it is the will of the people.

W/Peace and Love