You may not have read in my writings, but I'm beginning to clarify a distinction between souls and spirit. Spirit is universal, but at the same time it is the spirit in our hearts that gets wounded and repressed, not our souls. (By this is meant that Spirit is repressed or received in the heart, and by means of the heart's willingness to accept). 

Our souls are that part of us that knew from the beginning of the journey all that we would go through and accepted the contract with joyous surrender. Soul is what holds us and cares for us at all times, and reveals itself to us, should we care to permit it. Spirit is what gives us the freedom, it frees us and moves us in this world, except when our hearts dictate otherwise. And if we are not freed in our hearts, we do not move.  Spirit is what we love, and where the love comes from. Souls are in Surrender to Allah, to bear the burdens with love and compassion of the journey through this life. Soul is what loves us and guides us straight if we will allow ourselves the freedom to listen and to move. Soul is the joyous completion of our lives, our victorious Selves, waiting for us at the finish line, with smiles and congratulations, and our permanent seat in the Holy Hall of Fame. Soul is our gift from Allah, always there, to aid, guide and nurture, should the being only choose to accept it. 

And there are many who don't. 

Exactly fifty percent, to be exact. In order for everything to be fair, a balanced reaction must exist. The body/being exists in a perfect, divine harmony/balance. As the soul observes and attracts, the being both surrenders and resists. Damn! This is why all this "dealing with resistance" is just more resistance. It seems like such bullshit to me, not learning to heal through healing ourselves, but endlessly "learning" to heal and NEVER getting beyond it. Always stuck in this drama or that. Islam is not like that, and it's time we each learn to individually stake our personal claim to the inexhaustible treasure of the real life in Allah through the positive affirmations provided us for exactly that purpose, and stop dwelling in the 'other', trying incessantly to figure it out. And instead of continuing to obey our parents in the form of listening to and responding to the endless criticisms and commentaries that seem to be embedded in our brains.

And this Universal balance between resistance and surrender is the "mizan", the exact balance between "good" and "evil" (definitions only). It is the perfect balance between action and reaction that must exist in order for science to exist. 

So let's get "specific". What sense of lack do we feel we need compensation for?

Channeling is not from Allah because of this very reason. It is from, and by the permission of, the soul of the person who is channeling, because his soul is in collaboration with another, sharing space in his being that the other may address the questions and needs of humanity. This is the very purpose of the Soul and that which is repressed by the being in discounting of self. And since their cultural education does not permit of the enlightenment brought to the situation by Islam and the masters of that faith, it does not comprehend what is happening in this light and therefore does not comprehend at all but instead learns about self and surrender. Thereby learning from themselves but still not crediting it as such. Still not in the position to attribute it to themselves because they are still in such denial of themselves and discounting. 

In the self that recognizes (ma`arifat) Allah, and understands the truth of the matter, there is no need for channeling, other than the soul of that individual. That is why the highest science in Islam is Tasawwuf, or Soul-cleansing, that the soul of the individual may speak freely and communicate with the rest of the world in a helpful, explanatory manner. All of which is dependent upon the intent of each particular soul. That is to say that it is not always on all souls the same intent. There are creators and many different forms of manifestation, but the overall underlying intent of each is expression. In this way we are created in the likeness of God, who was alone and wanted to be know, so He created. 

Most of us are so busy giving, that we give ourselves no time to receive. Why is that? Such compulsive, driven giving? Because we need to see the world as in need of our services so that we can project some hope (worthiness) of receiving back from it what we "think" we need and want. It's desperation, pure and simple.