On the Awareness of God and Acceptance of Self.

There is no connection for there is not two to be connected. You can only be self-aware. Awareness comes from, reaches to, and reflects back, only to one's Self. Oh! You say you are aware of God? Is that not more like God is aware of you and that is why you feel aware of God, because you feel awareness? But it's God's Awareness, not yours. And It makes you very Self-aware. So you think you exist and are aware of God; but you cannot exist as other than God. There can only be One. Then one of you must be an illusion. Who know himSelf, knows His Lord. Know what you can know and know that it is God's way and doing.

To know one's Soul is to know one's Lord. For there cannot be (is not) two. You have no choice. Reality, and Truth, dictates that you must be God, for there is no two! Is the part of you that is "aware" of God the illusion?  Or is the God that you are aware of the illusion? God's Reality is certainly no illusion. But one of the two of you (or maybe both?), must be illusion because there is no two. There is no other! There is only God. So let's look into the nature of illusion. Illusion is a self-created fantasy of separation - of "I"-ness, of "other" - than God. Distinct and separate from "other" "things" in the world. This is not a "bad" thing, and it has a purpose. the purpose of illusion is to identify truth as "other" that it. In identifying illusion, we "identify" God as other than it, and can shift our perceptive awareness to the other, thereby knowing, realizing and experiencing what we call "unity". 

If you tell yourself that something is true long enough, you will surely come to believe it and then operate on the assumed truth of that belief. Join into a society of people all operating on that same assumption, and you are walking in a fictional world created by a society of self-deluded people, all of whom agree that there is nowhere else to look except right in front of them for confirmation of the truth of their common delusion, an accepted assumption that now has the convincing power of a self-evident truth but is in reality simply a mass belief system. 

You can know Allah. You can be aware of Allah, but that awareness is Allah's, and that which is aware, or feels that awareness, cannot be other than He also.