The Sacred Chambers: 
Where Holy meets Profane

What's Haram is not what another does, but we.

This is a title describing a veil which Allah will not allow to be penetrated by anything.
It is by means of this veil that He protects the ones He loves and frustrates and identifies the people who are in trouble, speculation and difficulty. It is by this veil that He warns them and shows them the very nature of that part of themselves that is causing them this trouble and difficulty. 

Simply think of the title and see if you can, in truth, see beyond it. You will see that you cannot. And that is a sign of the Love of Allah for you. Even though Allah is sufficient as a Guardian and Protector of that which only He can know, it behooves His Lovers, who truly understand the Holiness of Not Knowing, to respect His Veil  with an even greater distance of Love. This is done by means of a True Realization - and knowing that even with every possible attempt, these veils never will nor can be penetrated. And therefore one should not try. They are protected by Allah, and they protect us, if we protect them.

Contemplate this title, and realize the blessing of its impenetrable nature. Interesting, eh?