The Sufi equivalent to Satsang is Sohbat, meaning conversational companionship. The purpose of Sohbat is always the sharing of Blessing and the cultivation of Soul, Love, Friendship and Saintliness. This is the way of the great Sufi Guides, and it is walked in their spiritual company. 

Every way has its unique form of Divine Grace, and so it is in the Sufi way. Grace, as carried by the Sufis, is referred to as Barakah. It permits, among other things, transmission of spiritual insights and "miracle" healings. This is not to say that these things "always" happen, but their frequency is often astonishing. 

Even though the transmission of the healing power of Barakah is instantaneous, it often takes some time for the awareness of it to fully mature. Its confirmation has similarities in many ways to Reiki in that there is required a series of  "initiations" in the forms of words, phrases and affirmations, repeated a certain number of times until the heart is opened to the "meaning" of the word. In some cases these openings a lightening quick, and people will come into the "knowing" the moment they walk into the room. In most cases benefit is derived through enlightened conversation, practice and sharing of insight.

The "esoterics" of the Sufi Healing path are rarely taught or written about by the masters They are for the most part, simply discovered through diligent application by the sincere students. 

Topics of conversation may include Sufi Teachings, Learning how to Learn, Stations of the Soul, Personal Connection, the Essence of Success, Daily Sufi Practices, Vocabulary, "Getting" meaning, Soul and heart reads, the way of contentment, conflict resolution, etc. and be focused on maximum results. 

Personal sessions and classes are usually one and one-half hours and always focused on bringing through the deepest essence of healing. Evening groups are always free but contributions are beneficial. Personal sessions range from $40 to $75.