A New Perspective on the Origin and Healing of Depression

Can you understand how, in early infancy, initial perception of the outside world causes a brief and barely noticeable sense of loss of connection with source? Ever noticed how a child will immediately retreat to the safety of the familiar upon first contact with something outside itself, something “strange”? This “retreat” is in response to the sense of lost connection felt upon initial contact with something “other”. It is not, as commonly thought, a ‘reaction’ to the other, but a response to the felt sense of lost connection. Understand? 

The point of this observation is to illumine the inability of the immature being to focus upon outward object relativity while remaining in secure connection with the inward reality. It is because of this immaturity that life is considered to be a process of “either/or”. The idea of “both” is nowhere in sight - it is inconceivable or considered impossible. This is the origin of that deep feeling or fear that we all have had (and ignore) that somehow we are selling our souls, and for a paltry price, specifically, for a “life” in this world. It is this inability that the life experience is created to correct. It’s not that we’re born imperfect, but that we’re born to learn. How to enjoy a heavenly life and still remain in gratitude. How to live life to its fullest. 

Undaunted, however, and due to the overwhelming, yet gently initiatory and loving, ongoing growth of the infant, the world as such continues to introduce itself.  And the sense of lost connection becomes more commonplace, ordinary and acceptable, eventually disappearing altogether. 

Continuing his exploration, the youth eventually shifts his focus completely from identification with the inward connection to identification with outward objects. He develops his sense of being able to “relate” to his environment, in whatever form it may appear. His focus shifts from being inwardly connective to outwardly ‘relative’. His manner of “relating” becomes his personality, and he begins to believe that this is who he “really” is. 

Little does the infant know that with this inevitable shift of focus the seed is sown for his journey through life, only to discover that there is no end to it, and that the world cannot be, like the toys of his childhood, ‘had’. His perceptions will return, overwhelmed and defeated. When he sees the futility and emptiness of endless desire, he will begin to remember, miss and wish for the comfort of that sense of connection, only to find that it is lost. He then discovers the taste of hopelessness, feels trapped, and becomes depressed.

Few there are who can then reconnect with their source completely on their own. So into the ‘adult’ world messengers, messages and teachers are sent to assist in the process of establishing the true inward connection in the beings of those who seek it and those who are truly ready for it. 

When the connection is established, a genuine compassion and understanding emerges, and the being desires to manifest and so offers a helping hand. Such is the natural emergence of the “teacher” within us all. Few are they who accept the offer, but eventually a small but growing community is established for the purposes of self-exploration and devising new ways to teach this lost knowledge. 

In Arabic this knowledge is called “Tasawwuf” (Sufism) or soul purification; those who study it and learn it are called Sufis. And according to the masters of this study, the religion of Islam (Surrender) was sent for exactly that purpose - to reunite humanity and show the way back to Source - revealing a universally applicable method for personal and social evolution. 

But religion is not enough. This ‘evolution’, or maturation, requires the desire and will of the individuals. It is called willingness, and it is this factor that determines, by its presence or its absence, who will choose to evolve, or not, at that moment. So it is that even within the religion of Islam, with all of its signs and encouragement, few there are who choose to investigate these signs and add their energy to the perpetuation of the revealed science of evolution. These few eventually came to be known as the Sufis. 

So Sufism can be thought of as the psychology of Islam (Surrender), and Islam is considered by the Sufis to be the revealed science of evolution and transformation, or soul purification. 

And Sufis are the people who study and practice this science. Their souls are bare. They stand present and unashamed, basking in the Mercy and Benevolence of the God who made them, reaching out with poetry, knowledge and love, inviting others to be free of the chains that burden them. To free themselves from their emotional bonds and attachments to their desires, which only distract them and detract from their innate deep knowing, trust and ultimate success. 

A Solid & Confirmed INNER CONNECTION is the Key to Every Success!