“Faqr Fakhri”, means that - the fact that I know that I have nothing, and am who I am, and am doing well only by the Grace, Mercy and decree of Allah, is the only thing that I have to show to the world. And what an appreciated example it has become. 

If, on the other hand, you are motivated toward success by any hidden fear or sense of failure, this is an indication that you are still operating from a comparative point of view, in which you feel yourself to be the inferior, and therefore desirous of the superior. 

Desire comes from a sense of absence, which results from a feeling of disconnectedness, that you cannot simply reach out to have what you want, or that what you want is not within reach. And since that is the way you are choosing to see yourself, you will receive confirmation of that from the world around you, which is there to serve you however you choose to be served. If you choose to be in duality, i.e. a helpless victim, the world will treat you as such. It is only a reflection of how you see yourself in it. But if you choose to affirm Unity, in no time at all the world will be there to help you and to offer you its richness and support. 

Comparison! Comparison! Comparison! Comparison freezes you in a picture. It stops the fluidity of your own process by entangling you in another frozen picture. We are trained to compare by people in authority, whom we admire for their authority and upon whose approval we depend for our own sense of self-approval, which is the definition of conditional love. Comparison and judgement have become the tools of choice for survival. It's fearful and just thinking about it freezes our growth process. 

Learn to recognize the process of oneness (unity) by knowing that it is not frozenness. It is without tension. Then you will feel the beginning of your connection with your prosperity, which is your true Self. 

It's all a matter of how you see yourself. You are a master teacher and prosperity is your natural state, not something to reach for. If you believe you are learning from a master, you will benefit accordingly. If you believe you are unworthy of these teachings, they will not reach you. 

Unity is not something you “bring people to”, or not. It is something you simply affirm. 

So what is your true success? 
What is it we are connecting to and connected with? 
How do we escape duality and affirm Unity? 
What is the secret of confirmation? 
What is the secret of sacrifice? 
What is the secret of commitment? 
How do we put it all together?

Healing is Energy Correction. One’s ability comes from one’s own energy pattern which is a direct result of one’s personal life style. It is the Sufi contention that there is no better lifestyle than that of surrender, acceptance and a deep exploration of all belief systems.