Healing will work immediately only to the degree that that client is ready (to recognize Soul). A complete healing is always accompanied by a lesson learned. The purpose of illness is not to be healed but to be recognized and accepted as the bearer of glad tidings, that a healing, and therefore a valuable lesson in life, is about to be learned. It is always assumed that the client is ready but it is not always the case. Also, it is my opinion that the readiness of the client can be affected by, and depends to a great degree upon, the availability of space for true recognition provided by the healer. 

Prolonged healing is for the benefit of the client in the form of a continued association with the truth of the healer or the search for healing. 


Say the Name. Prosperity follows truth. The reason people will not say the Name is that their souls know it's the truth. Ego is opposed to Soul. That's it purpose, oppression under the guise of protection. Ego says, "I tried that once, and it didn't work. I even tried it again and I got punished. I won't let that happen again."

The Hendricks say on page 99 of their wonderful book At the Speed of Life, "While our conscious minds are busy preserving illusions, the deeper parts of ourselves are busy communicating through the only signals they have." 

This led me to redefine (again) the nature of my healing work as watching for and identifying everything as "Soul Expression: Looking for Signs of True Life by Tracking the Signals of Soul." Did you know that the principle of Shamanic Healing is "Soul Retrieval"? So now it's time to learn more about that! 

It's as though the Soul has been buried and left for dead under the avalanche of modern rubble from the destruction of the 20th century. Envision yourself in the fiction of a post-apocalyptic remains of the twentieth century world searching for the possibility of life, of remaining survivors. Walking around the world are the congenial but extremely shocked remains of what was once a truly human society. They are so shocked by the events and so deliberately absorbed in their memories of the world as they once thought it to be that they are completely unable to see or to comprehend their reality in the moment. Truly, "Ignorance is Bliss". "Power is God." "Life is Illusion".

More later…