If we were to more or less bluntly ask people in general the question "what is it that you are trying to figure out?", it's a cinch that most would say "nothing" and many would simply admit "I don't know". But they might be gently surprised at your "insight" in observing that they are indeed trying to figure something out. Problem being, they do not know what it is. So the first thing to figure out is that very question, "what are we trying to figure out?" Why do so many people assumed "puzzled" looks and postures? It's like their souls are trying to deliver a conclusion that their "selves" have not yet even hypothesized. Or trying to arrive at a conclusion for which the right question has not yet been imagined. But why has the question not been imagined? I'm of the opinion that the questions have indeed been asked but are very sternly and subversively being denied.