(Company in Divine Presence)

Yes, we are God Realized People (whether we realize it or not :-). But we must keep company. There are adventures to be had and mysteries to be known. The singular secret of the spiritual masters is that they all have one. 

So where does it begin, with our love for God or with God's love for us? If it is the latter (which it is) then how is that love better manifested than that He predestine messengers (called prophets) at various points in time, to deliver His Message of love and guidance. In the biblical/aramaic tradition of revealed guidance, Muhammad was the last and most recent of these prophets, but what do we know of the truth of his message, except that it has been, as is the way with all religious revelations, distorted by the very people who profess most ardently to be its adherents. His very reality demands that it not be denied. The truth of his reality cannot be circumvented by the simplicity of our wills to avoid association with misrepresentation. 

There is a better way, and that is to study the message in the Sufi way. The Sufis were the same people as you and I, faced with the same problem of discovering their personal reality first and not seeing it very well supported by the people of religion, yet knowing it to be the essence of all religion. They knew however, that the truth had to be in there somewhere, and soon realized that they would have to discover the Secrets of Unity in this message on their own (which is as it should be). For it seemed to them that the people were in separation, even though professing that the message was of Unity. There is a very realistic historic and human reason for this apparent separation of what cannot be separate, as they were soon to discover. So they became a group of esotericists, a school of humanistic and spiritual studies, among many of the schools of study arising in the times, and slowly came into the acceptance and even great popularity of the necessarily conservative mainstream of Islam. 

O, you spiritually realized brothers and sisters, I appeal to your enlightened minds, do not throw out the baby with the bath water. Be not so certain that a religion of such scope and magnitude has nothing to offer you since you are in the knowing and Divine Light of your God, who loves you more than you can love yourselves. Be aware that in the respect of your enlightenment and belovedness you are no different from anyone else, or any friendly animal, or the plants, or the trees. Be keen to take advantage of the hospitality of the Muslims and Sufis. Learn what you do not know, and don't assume that there is nothing of import for you here. 

Why, then do you read with such avidness the poetic and inspiring literary and philosophical works of the great Muslims and Islamic Masters, but you choose not to credit their exceptional and unique awareness and brilliance to the religion that they were born into and followed with passionate devotion and wisdom to the very end of their days?