The most salubrious thing we can do is Affirm Truth. That's why a firm Knowledge of Truth is important to us so that we can avoid the affirmations of falsehood.  And that's why the Quest for Truth is so important. 

The most salubrious thing we can do is be in constant affirmation of the Reality of God, because God Himself is in constant affirmation of His Reality, anf He affirms us as His Reality. So how much healthier can we ask to be? 

However, it is no doubt that there is no end to the divine energy of God, but there must be some way to contain it in a proper manner, and a way to "harvest" it if you will. 

Receipt and containment is through tramsmission and harvest is through worship. 

Annihilaition is through remembrance. Annihilation is affirmation. Remembrance is affirmation. Affirmation of God is Affirmation of Truth and even though the ego is in search of its own annihilation, there is a more truthful part us us that will not be annihilated, not even by the 'fires of hell'. And that is the part that we will inhabit when all of the illusion is gone. That is the part that we will come to know and understand whether we want to our not. So why should we not want to, if it's truth. And if if is not truth it will disappear upon investigation, like all falsehood does. 

Falsehood fears and flees from investigation because it does not want to be discovered, because it knows itself well, and feels itself purposeful and with intent, but knows itself to be but a cover-up for pain and fear and absence. This is why only the courageous are on the pathway of self-discovery. 

These are the reasons why constant connection with a Sufi Shaykh is so inportant to the student of self and Islam. because, simply put, the whole truth cannot be written, much less discovered, read, and comprehended in proper order by the students. 

There is also the element of community leadership. 

Affirmation of Allah on a regualr basis at least five time a day by reaffirming our belief in and our unity with the Prophet (SAS).

A constant surrendering to God is a constant affirming of His Reality, and therefore a constant renewal of health. 

Islam (surrender) brings everything that is good and nothing that is harmful.