"The Way of the Deep, Peaceful Heart" - by Ali Ansari



"So why are we so afraid of ourselves?"
"Simply because nobody will take the first step."

The Sufi way provides the true arena for full spiritual emergence. It literally insists upon it, considering it a goal and a requirement of the way. That is why Sufism is famous for its Spiritual Guides. Firstly, it works, and that is visible in the presence of the master. Secondly, it provides historic success, as is evident in traditions and literature, and thirdly, it provides encouraging authentic teachings that can be relied upon and trusted.

So, rather than discouraging the emergence of soulful truth in your daily life, as is the basic accepted common denominator of the western 'fear-for-provision' mentality, Truth becomes the only trusted and accepted coin of recognition. And the challenge becomes, rather than who can fabricate the most fanciful and alluring illusion, becoming free of the influence of our history of fabricating alluring illusions, and coming to recognize, trust, honor and speak from our very true selves. The magnetic attraction of this quality of authentic experience is that which stimulates trust, engenders confidence, and proves one worthy of prosperity. 

Healing the Body through Healing the Heart - The Heart/Body Relationship

The body is a manifestation of the heart. It follows the heart. Heal your heart and your body will (gratefully) follow. Guaranteed! This is the heart/body relationship.

Your heart is the battleground and coveted prize in the ongoing struggle between your (fearful) self-concept (ego), And your (trusting) true being (self, soul). This struggle is the basis of conflict and the source of indecision, which manifests as physical discomfort. Incorrectly recognized, this physical discomfort becomes misinterpreted as disease. It is then further mistreated until the body is weakened, overpowering the heart, and death by "natural causes" ensues. A peaceful heart is the basis of a healthy body. Your heart is either at peace, or it is not.

Most of us are lost and floating downstream in the great American River called denial. Denial (of feelings and self) is a societal strategy. It's how we "get along" with each other. But it's also the basis of dysfunction, and spiritual suicide is no longer acceptable. Upon seeking proper reflection, your heart can find its way out of denial into self-forgiveness and self-acceptance, and the physical manifestations of self-punishment and self-rejection will disappear. This is the Secret of Spiritual Masters: They all have one. Health, happiness and prosperity are immediate. Results are guaranteed in the very first session. 

"Healing the Body through Healing the Heart" is the fastest and most efficacious means of healing physical and emotional difficulty. It is the Essence of all True Healing, and I would like to show you how it works. 

I offer reflections and confirmations of self-recognition, personal worth, true surrender, and inner connection. 

I call it (life), Awareness Release Training (A.R.T.) The A.R.T. of Personal Success, or, the Way of Enlightenment and Health through Self-Recognition. Self-recognition is the key to the whole-hearted joy of true presence. It necessitates a full and complete acceptance of that from which you are running. 

Awareness release is self-discovery. Training in it is the process of life. It can be catalyzed or accelerated by meetings with them who have acquired it. This is the very essence of healing and is of immediate usefulness to people who feel that they need to discover, establish, enhance or confirm their personal connection with life.

So talk to me if you are interested in discussing classes, groups, business or personal sessions. For a personal appointment (Portland OR), or to schedule a phone session, call 503.493.0448. "I'd love to help you get to know yourself better." 


Ali Ansari