The Way of the True Muslim

But in the end we will find that it's only Islam (Prayerful Surrender, Deep Peace, Contentment and Satisfaction) that heals all wounds. Sufism (Arabic: Tasawwuf- Soul-cleansing, Self-purification) is the result of this True Surrender. 

The word Islam  means nothing less than "The True and Complete Surrender to the Manifest Will of the Divine Creator of us all". You can receive the fullest Soul-cleansing and exalting benefit of Sufism (Tasawwuf - which means Soul purification - the root of all healing) only from the acceptance and practice of a pure Islam (True and Complete Surrender to the Manifest Will of the Divine Creator of us all).

Acceptance of Islam as a belief structure means having a clear recognition that the faith and practices concomitant with Surrender are in fact the revealed way of humility and approach after Surrender. (You may take your time to investigate this claim or simply accept it on testimony). And that this faith and practice is in point of fact the latest and most complete of the prophetic revelations. And it is my testimony that the true religion of Islam as practiced in the Sufi tariqas does in fact and truth support and confirm all that is right and true in the ways that have come before, and it sets right, to the benefit of all, the fallacies, misconceptions and distortions in any and all of the truly spiritual ways of life. It is the way of The True Unity, not merely "non-duality". It is only due to this fact that the Sufis have claimed and proven their right to say that they have the essence of ALL religions, and that their service is to help all seekers along their chosen path of study at the time. 

This is the way of the true Muslim. 

Testimony of your belief (in God) is the first of the healing pillars in the way of Surrender (Islam). And that is that you testify that you do know to Whom it is that you are surrendering (to the Divine), and why (for the benefit -Arabic: Falah). Secondly that you recognize that this same Surrender is the way acted upon and taught by all of the prophets, through whom the enduring religions and revelations were revealed, and that in doing so yourself, you are manifesting your drop of the prophetic light and fulfilling your mission as a helper and emissary here on earth.

It is not required that you refer to the Divine to Whom you are Surrendered as Allah, but you cannot reject that the Divine is referred to and refers to Himself by that Name in His revealed book (Holy Qur`an), and likes that that Name be used (read "The Switch"). Just try using it. This (that His Pleasure is upon and inherent in this Name) is the reason for the great enthusiasm that people have for the practice of "Dhikr" - Remembrance of the Divine Name. The same principle applies wherever the praises of the Divine are sung, in whatever language. In fact, it is said that all the heavens and earth vibrate in praise of the One who Creates, Sustains and Destroys - in Praise of the One is the Love of the Sufis and the Beloved of all lovers. Have you noticed?

It is understood that the Divine is of course without gender but there are no qualms about referring to Him as He because in this case, He (Arabic: HU) is considered to be one of the Names of God, and such is the nature of the languages we use.

Try this. Accept the religion of Islam for the fact that it exists. Know that it asks nothing from you more than you are willing to give. Look at it any way you want, but look at it - simply for the reason that rejection (of anything) causes conflict. Accepting belief systems releases their intensity, as well as their benefit. If you are accepting of belief systems, their power over you is neutralized and their benefit becomes available. God, who has you already, wants nothing more from you than what you truly want to offer. And the finest offering you have is your attention. Nothing, yet everything, changes. And you will learn!

Look at some of the things promised to one (by the Divine) upon Surrender (and acceptance).

Complete and utter forgiveness of all sins, both large and small. No one in Islam is ever interested in knowing about anything of your past. It is forgotten, be it good or bad. They see only the good in you (that your are a believer), and always greater than the degree that they see it in themselves. This forgiveness is palpable. You are welcomed by Allah into the community of true lovers to partake in the celebration of the life in God's love free of charge. To "come clean" and to benefit yourself and others with your admitted and confessed presence (and confusion) in the garden of Allah, before the throne of Allah, in the grace of the Almighty, and in the company of His people.

You are given your Divine Name, which God has always known. It is always a manifestation of a Divine Quality in you. You are encourage to use it, thereby inviting others use it and feel its quality, which surrounds you (and them) with the light of its reality, and dispels illusion (at least for a moment).

You are taught (at your choosing and leisure) the esoteric prayers - practices that serve to develop your awareness, your understanding, your certainty and your self-confidence. I say esoteric because they are taught only unto those who have surrendered, and are known (or cared about) little in the world outside of the Sufis and Muslims. The Prophets all said that the world was divided into two camps, the world of conflict and the world of Surrender. And so it is with ourselves.

You are introduced to the secrets of creation, as revealed by the Author of Creation Himself. Nothing in the way of work or knowledge is expected or demanded of you except your own willingness to deepen your Surrender, for it leads to an open heart, utterly fulfilled and in the Unity with your true Self. At that point Allah Himself reveals to you your very special robe of sanctity and honor, which will preserve the peace and security of your soul forever, and give you the keys to wisdom, the knowledge and the insight that will enable you to manifest His Light in an irresistible way, that others will come to see, and to drink from the wine of love that comes forth from your heart. 

In Truth and Love