Prosperity comes from within. So follow the path to it. The real world belongs to the Muslims (Surrendered). Kafirs (deniers of God's Grace and Unity) inhabit only the illusions of their own dreams. Blessed shall be the surrendered, for they shall inherit the earth. The most prized possession in life is knowing what it is that you really doing. And one thing for certain that the surrendered being is surely doing is following the path to its own prosperity.

If sincerity is the cure, then it follows that hypocrisy is the cause.  (The bypass is in the recognition of the problem. Understanding the nature of the illusion.) Duplicity makes me/us sick. If our souls are not in control then we're suicidal. We hate ourselves, and self-love becomes a cure like hospitalization. All of paradigmatic life is an attempt to portray reality, but reality will not be portrayed. It will BE, or not at all. We are creating, discovering and exploring the shift out of our desire to manifestly and justly benefit from our existence. "To be beneficial to yourselves" as Elias says. 

So what your surrendered being does is it's 'intent'. How does it like to express itself? Art? Poetry? Words? Music? Creative craftsmanship? Expressions of surrender? Joy? Prayer? 

Look beyond healing, beyond survival, beyond 'making a living'. See you life in a healthy, creative world, for your reality is what you make it. So what are you really doing? 

The future is in Surrender. There is no future in war, conflict or violent acquisition. 

For me it's teaching the Real Surrender (Islam), Spiritual Education, Meanings of Arabic and Qur`an. 

It's simply a way of return for those who are ready and a way of preparation for return for those who are not. "O Surrendered Soul, return now to your Lord, pleased and pleasing." (Qur`an). It's also a great way to replace bad habits.

On fana` and baqa`

My future is in the inward also. The concept of re-entry into the world has always been the 'fulfillment' of my 'dreams'. There is simply no leaving or re-entry. There is only living by love. But in the illusion of fana`, the material world seemed even more out of reach with time spent (again) in pursuit of it. But all the attempts at re-entry are as foolish as chasing it in the first place. Because baqa` means not establishment in the world, but establishment in God. And there is no world. The 'world' does not exist except as the creation of those who believe it's there. 

My future is in the inward also so I must walk toward it. La ilaha ill laah - go for what you want. Fooled again by the illusion of the outward and its promise of success. I have no more 'responsibility' to 'take care of myself' than I choose to create for myself. I have no more dedication to establishment of outward presence than I choose to create for myself. The future is in the inward. I am not 'needed'. Not contributing, participating, giving, creating, constructive, good, bad, or in relation to anything. There is only Allah and the inward guidance I choose to follow. Based upon the love I feel. 

We will all meet because we are all one. If this is their last time, they will have discovered and felt the success of knowing. If it is not, it is because of a role they contracted to play for the accomplishment of an end that only Allah knows. These would be the unfortunate souls whom Allah created to live their lives in delusion. Even though they chose it, He still created them for that.

And because it is He, they know that there is no punishment, only He. But they have chosen to be not allowed to express their truth and instead be the victims of oppression that oppression might exist as a temptation to be resisted. That men might truly be endowed with free will. Some choose the pathway of evil and self-destruction, and some choose to abstain and endure in the presence of their Lord.