On Resistance

I believe that a great deal of the resistance can be overcome, by the willing (and willingness is way more than half the battle, for with it (and the help of the Sufis) victory is guaranteed, and without it, well, you wouldn't even be reading this), by a simple understanding of the truth of what is feared (and this comes from my years of watching the endless (to the point of narcissistic) "teaching" process of "dealing with" resistance but never getting beyond it or to any real point, so the "dealing" becomes the point.)

In the end it is always discovered that what is feared, is truth; one, on an objective level, because it is considered still "unknown", and two, in the subjective, because it is feared/known/experienced that "truth hurts". But the "truth" that is being offered by the Sufis is that God IS True Love, Compassion and Mercy for all sentient beings, and that each one of us was sent here only to learn to manifest that truth. And that all you are really running from is your True Being, Real Love, and God, in every case. 

All you are running from is your "Self", "Love", and "God". Right? You hate your "self" You want nothing to do with Love, and God is Mean! Right?

Well how about a little redefinition here, a little explanation of what WE mean by these words. Self is not the part of you that is running, for I'm sure you hate that but do not know how to stop it. Self means "True Being" and how do we know that that is OK? By tasting. Just sit with me for less than one hour, that's all I ask, and if you are sincere in your quest for truth, which will be evident, you will come to know your Self and love your Self more than you know and love your very, very best friend. 

Now Love, what do We mean by Love. Love is a deep enjoying, the kind of feeling that you get when you are in the company of real friends, people whom you just love being with and you would stay in their company simply forever. You love the way they look at you, and you love the way you feel. The Love I'm talking about is the kind you FEEL all over and know it will never go anywhere - where everything is taken care of already, and everything gets done with ease. 

It may be easier to come to terms with True Being and Love that it is to come to terms with the concept of God. But if we start by releasing a concept, because it is in our concept that we make all the errors, and focus on a knowing, an experiencing of a truth, a reality, that we have always known - and always, for some reason or other, ignored or been distracted from - that endless expansion exists, and within it, all that we perceive exists, and that this endless expansion can be felt, and known, from deep within our very essence, and that it is OK, it is OK to feel it, and it is an OK feeling, and that it is this feeling that makes everything else OK. Now you might have a beginning of a knowing of the true reality of the God to Whom we are referring.