The secret of success is in your concept of it. What is your concept or definition of success. If it's a new house, car and love-life, how far away from that are you, and where do you start? 

I would like to take you back to your beginning, to assure that your foundation is secure. For "to build you house on sand is folly, but to build it on a solid rock is the wisdom that endures". 

Life is all about personal success. There's the illusion way, and the truth way. The ART of Personal Success is all about recognizing, honoring and living your own experience.

A solid and confirmed inner connection (with your own reality) is the key to every success. Affirmation of your own reality and inner connection is affirmation of your Self, and your Self is, by its very nature, worthy of every success. You need not "visualize" your success. This is merely the illusion of anticipation standing in for the truth of true realization. You need simply to "know yourself" more by giving your Self the attention that you need. This is not ego-development. It is the Essence of Soul-Recognition and Self-Healing. 

How is it that we have come to divoce ourselves from orselves so much? How can we have so little respect for the creative artwork of God Himself? 

If you investigate closely you will see that everything comes from Allah. Absolutely everything comes from Allah. The Source of all wealth is Allah. He it is Who Manifests from nothing. Did the raw material for creation exist before creation? OK, where did IT come from? Attain this connection (through understanding) first, and all else will necessarily follow. If you can see, feel and touch and maintain connection with Allah through seeing, feeling, touching and maintaining connection with you self, only increase can result. Why? If for no other reason than that everybody wants it. And if you have it, they will know, and come.


Eureka applies to the discovery of truth - to finding one's true self. It is the axis, the turning point. It is the Red Sulfur, the philosopher’s stone. It is the Alchemy of changing poverty to Wealth. Trueself is the focal point. It is the magnet that attracts all that is good. False self (ego - pseudo-self, the pretender) is the denier, the negator, the repeller, the mediator, the moderator, that won't let you have what Trueself deserves and is due. False self is the liar. It stands in the way and says "me first", and chooses and selects, and accepts and rejects, and thinks itself powerful and wise. 

The only medicine for this little beast, the ant who would be Solomon, is the Remembrance of Allah, because in the Remembrance of Allah the hearts find Peace. Then the real wisdom can settle in and the human situation can be seen in the perspective of truth.