(from book-journey)
Methinks thou shalt not Mecca reach, my friend,
for the path thou takest leadeth unto Turkestan.
(Sufi Saying)

How can you possibly go through life maintaining an illusion of falsehood. No wonder courage strength, stamina and a goodly dose of bull-headed stupidity are so necessary for success in this "modern" World. Oh, yes, and let's not forget a well-developed personality. All the artifices necessary for the attainment of a very elusive and dare I say illusory goal of "Success". 

A quick litmus test. Is your current happiness all that it "could" be? Is it based upon the attainment of goals? If you were to lose all that you have would you still be happy? 

Ego, my friend, is illusion. It is an overwhelmingly powerful illusion, fully capable of convincing you that it IS you and that any commentary to the contrary is merely negative impulses in subversion of your happiness - self sabotage, the dark side, the sub-conscious. 

Soul psychology has come a long way. It has progressed from a topic to a possibility, to a useful consideration, to a necessary understanding, to "all there is." 

The word of interest here is recognition. Recognition in my understanding is the highest function of the human being. Recognition is the faculty that either works or is ignored. We recognize Truth, we recognize Soul, we recognize God, and we Recognize Ego. Or do we? Recognition is trained, like any other function. It is trained by reflection from someone who has it. I know of no other way to discover, train or confirm it except by means of a teacher. 

Cognitive and Re-cognitive - cognitive is the connecting of the cognitive faculty of our beings with the outside world. 

Cognition implies making connection with, understanding, connecting the dots, deriving meaning or understanding from something, and has largely to do with objective "outside" awareness. It is the faculty most exercised, developed and relied upon in modern life. Quick decisions come from a well informed cognition, or vision. 

Re-cognition has to do with honoring that which is already known. We re-cognize an old friend, (or "enemy"). Our "recognition" is what causes our hunches, inner feelings and gut impulses. And were are not always cognitive of our inner associations and recognition. This awareness is definitely not considered important except by a few who are interested in such things as psychic phenomena, depth psychology, Soul healing, and other kinds of "negative" topics that most people do not want to hear about, and for the good reason that they might be a distraction to their focus upon the "system" of thought that seems to be "working" for them at the moment. 

A Solid and confirmed Inner Connection with Soul is the Essence of Success.