There are two states of being - passive and active. In that respect, Unity is divided into two energies, passive (expansive and penetrative, accepting, receptive) and active (contractive and dynamic, giving and repelling).

Passive energy is at first glance seen/understood as a form of neutrality, whereas active energy may have two directions - positive and negative, or more pertinently, constructive and destructive. Both of these concepts are relative also. What may be deemed 'constructive' to the ego may indeed be destructive to the heart and spirit, and worse. What may be deemed as 'destructive' to the ego, as in most reality-based spiritual practices, may indeed be constructive for the character of truth. And this is dependent upon the orientation of your active energy, or your "intention". 

If your intention is to know one-ness and unity, then you will succeed because you are aligning your intention with your "intent".  Intent is Divine and has to do with the 'will' of your soul.  Intention is in the realm of personal choice and has to do with learning and gaining experience. Your soul's intent, or divine purpose, is to raise you through life with knowledge and wisdom from Divine Awareness. And it never wavers in that intent, always exerting its guiding and guarding influence upon you in the mysterious ways you've grown to expect and love. 

Your soul is the knowledge of your completed journey through the evil and the good that was your decreed and accepted lot in life. Nurturing and caring, the love that your soul has for you is always more that you can imagine. And no matter how worthy of it you may feel or don't feel, it never wanes. It has nothing to do with self-esteem. Your soul esteems itself and you whether you care to accept it or not. So recognize and surrender now, not later, to your soul and you will then be divinely guided. That is what is meant when we are taught to "pay attention to ourselves". It does not refer to efforting towards the furtherance of outside objectives. A moment of right contemplation brings the fruit of a lifetime of labor. 

Basically there is stop and go. Stop can never be achieved (otherwise we would die) but that's why we can approach it with daring and impunity. No matter how close we get it always escapes us. But we learn and see so much of the Truth of the Reality. Stop is the love of the Sufis and the goal of the meditative. It can only be known about and perceived by proximity, but never attained. That's why there is no end to the pathway of approach to God. Only God is perfect Stop. All else must by nature be energy (Arabic: Jabbarut - Divine Compulsion). Its presence can be known and felt. It is the source of perfect healing upon which we rely and to the love of which we are drawn. 

GO has to do with projection of energy, or extension of energy, and can really only be understood or controlled or directed from the viewpoint of stop. For until stop is known, understood, incorporated conceptually and embodied physically, (this is the point of "A.R.T." Awareness Release Training), the energies of go are not clearly understood in regards to the multiple possibilities of their source(s) and direction(s), i.e. their (subjective) motivations and (objective) goals. Without a clear understanding of the nature of spiritual energy and direction, it becomes the essence of wisdom to seek and abide in the stop. (Such is the goal of the "non-duality" understandings.) For even the slightest go, even of thought, is the release of an energy of consequence - the tossing of a pebble into a still pond. Not only will it come back to you but it will bring with it its like. 

Contemplation (stop) is of the "stillpoint" in which we abide. It is the focus of our hearts, and the hub of our minds. It is the center of the thousand petaled lotus of our perceptions. It is the void, our origin, the divine and infinite nothing from which all comes into being. Call it what you will, it will only be appreciated and approached. This is the Nirvana of the Buddhists, the Tao of the Taoists, and the Fana` of the Sufis. Beyond this, where can one go? What, then, is to be done with the rest of our lives? Hopefully spent in inviting and showing the way to others. For once one is there, one is only inviting to oneself, and the obstacles will manifest with crystal clarity as will the way around (or through) them. Willingness is the key and that is why the picture must be painted with its own beauty. So that the hearts will know the truth of it and surrender to the inner guide, the one who hears and listens.