Summary understandings

TFT - the event triggers the flashback but how you respond to it depends on the integrity of your thoughtfield, not upon your thought. Perturbance in the energy field results in, and is indicated by, a willingness to surrender to a specific negative emotion (like shame or embarrassment or guilt). This is a weakness in connection, in focus, in awareness and concentration upon the energy at hand. 

Pranayama is Awareness. Energy control (Pranayama) is one of the things I love to do more than anything. For energy is what I am. I am Conscious, Aware Pranayama. I am not interested in controlling thought, only in knowing the energy of my thoughtfield - in strengthening, balancing and delineating the parameters of my thoughtfield. In making energy corrections and creating balance. 

It implies surrender to reality and not to negative emotions. Not to suppress them when they arise, but to neither act upon them nor suppress them nor try to control them - instead control energy - all that I can. But to understand them as negative emotions and continue to focus upon the energy in which they abide and which they seek to perturb. Show me the negative emotion and I will show you the location of the perturbance and the energy taps to heal it. That willingness to surrender to a specific negative emotion is the very means by which the imbalance in the energy field is located and healed. Wherever the emotional intuitive points, that's where the energy need work.

Thank you for showing me the weaknesses that I still carry in my artificial desire for community (and the "fruits" thereof). My hidden powerlessness is still hoping to have it all provided and I'll miss out on the purpose of knowing God, which is to know that all is provided and learn how to use the energy for my own benefit. The future is in the inward, also, and we are moving into mercy and love. For as Elias says, 
? "In this, what I may offer to you is that within your physical reality, as you all move in relation to this shift in consciousness, you are creating this shift to be beneficial to yourselves." 
? And, "Amazing, is it not, what you may create if you are allowing yourself to BE creating, and trusting that you hold the ability to create what you wish to create?"
? And, "Another testimony to the concept that you need not be understanding of certain expressions within your reality to be engaging them and to be accepting of them!"
? And, "Therefore, you may view yourselves and your physical body as a physical manifestation of consciousness that you create as an expression of yourself in this physical dimension. "
? And, "You may incorporate other manifestations of consciousness that you view to be “things” in relation to yourself and your physical body consciousness, and by allowing yourselves to tap into your knowing of consciousness and its structure, so to speak, as it is manifest within your physical reality, you may also manipulate the energy to be merging with your physical expressions of consciousness in less of a thickness, so to speak."

Personal Affirmations.
? la ilaha illa 'llah.
? CREATIVITY - IT'S OK TO BE IN CONTROL. (of my own energies).
? Self-responsibility means that to know that I have willed my own destiny is my ultimate destiny. 

Live and let live! Make a home for myself!

On accepting my strength and power. 
The willingness to be weak is not surrender. Heal and repair the willingness to surrender to Negative Emotion with TFT. I am no longer willing/needing to hide my reality, strength and power behind the veil of incapacity and need. I want to inhabit my own space and be in command of all my energy. I want to live in my truth, surrendered to and using correctly the energy that makes me real. Designer's Guild. If you build it, they will come. 

This, to me, is true presence of mind - not instinct, not intellect, but not denial. Simply not choosing to surrender to their influence. For they are for the most part, at least suspect to being caused by negative emotion. Intellectual (not intellect) is using the mind to create a ruse, an 'intellectual' distraction. Instinct is just the release of control and allowing the body to fend for itself. It happens often when one knows not what else to do. Following this way has gotten me nowhere, and left me thoroughly at the mercy (command) of my own negative emotions, i.e. in victim mode.

The Affirmation is of Allah at all times. 
Pranayama is Awareness. Presence of mind and awareness of energy is Pranayama. Pranayama is thought control. By focusing on energy, on the energy of the thoughtfield, thought is controlled. Reiki-do is physically exercising my faith and knowledge by turning my healing energy inward to myself. And exercise makes stronger. It is the understanding and correct use of my energy through the art of control, based upon the powers of creation, preservation and release. 

Direction in the form of healing others is release into an accepting receiver. For a healing of this nature to occur, permission manifesting willingness and agreement must be present. Where there is no permission, there can be no direction, so release is ineffectual, and therefore out of the question. No receptive willingness, no release. 

Soul Cooperation and Energy Agreement
Muslims agree that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Prophet. I have no power except that which Allah gives me. And the only way I can acquire it is through surrender. Surrender is easy when you see it as an energy agreement with the Prophet of God. And the power from Allah to do good flows through us easily when we are surrendered. 

DO WELL! I never tell myself nothing !
The need for or the search for power over others is still the victim energy that feels it did not get enough love from childhood. The real power has nothing to do with power over others, as the victims would have, but power over one's own energy, to see and fashion the world as one would have it be. To ask and to receive. 

Reiki, Thought Field Therapy, Pranayama, Quantum touch, Energy Healing, Spirituality, religion. All healing is an asking for energy agreement. "Try to see it my way" we are saying. "We are all one…" 

Awwaluna Muhammad,

There is however an accessible source from which (sufficient) energy (to meet any challenge) can be obtained. This source has nothing to do with control, creativity or release. One needs only to surrender and see it in order to have it. Energy is from Jabbarut  - the Pure Will of Allah! To surrender to Allah is to receive and learn to manage pure energy. 

Reiki-do - Conscious management of energy.

Conscious management means conscious conservation - understanding acquisition, preservation and dispensation of personal energy, and specifically, not allowing uncontrolled dispensation. Personal energy is acquired by acceptance and acceptance is the consequence of surrender, the means of acquisition. 

Force is a physical manifestation of personal energy. Power, however, is the result of knowledgeable management.

TFT eliminates the effects of negative emotions upon your energy field by healing the willingness to surrender to them. By correcting/balancing the energy of the field in which they occur. 

Willingness says, "Yes!" and it comes from the will, which is a product of intention. It is my intention to surrender to and serve Allah in the very best way. And part of that is accepting responsibility for and taking control of the blessings that He has given me, which is my own energy. Then my surrender attracts the attention of Baraka (Blessing) which I can preserve and use as I will, spending it according to the dictates of wisdom. And the supply is endless, but we do not need any more than we need. 

Baraka, Baraka fil hadhrah.
Blessing, blessing upon the Present. 

It is the Blessing of the Power of His Will that is the Source and Foundational support of our power (to exercise our will, or not) and strength (to acquire and dispense blessing - energy). Our strength is in our ability to acquire and dispense energy. It's not thought, it's physical. We have no power, Power is His. But He gives us the power of will, which we will use according to our intention, which should always be to surrender and serve in the very highest way. 

We can Will ! The Power of Will. - On Discovering True Will. - On the Need for the True Will. 

Willingness is a huge attraction. Just be willing to own a new car or live in a new house, and see how it feels. That feeling will attract it. It's the law of attraction - likes attract likes. It is inevitable that what you are willing to have will come to you. And that's why so many people are living in fear and poverty (or in fear of poverty), because they are willing to, i.e. willing it! Will changes everything. Surrender to True Will takes one out of victim mode, and discovering True Will is the essence of the Personal Revolution.

Victim energy is the willingness to sacrifice health and well being in exchange for the fulfillment of desire. A true "pact with the devil". It implies a willingness to accept the (lifelong/depressing) burden of responsibility. It is the result of a negative emotion and tantamount to the commonly understood analogy of "trying", (but not succeeding). A deep-seated feeling (NE - Negative Emotion) of powerlessness, adequately understood, will result in the shunning of responsibility. 

However, A willingness to accept the (temporary/joyous) burden of responsibility is always possible given that the power to fulfill it is felt and understood.