Note! I Highly recommend reading The Commentary 
of this poem found in "Currnet Writings". Ali


Do you see the world as an unenlightened place, 
still in need of you? It is not! 
You see it that way because you're still practicing. 
The masters do not see that. 
They see and know only God, and Surrender to His Will.

Does the world need you or do you need the world?
Admit it. You need the world and feel 
that in order to get what you want from the world
you must have something to contribute.
So you need the world to need you.
Now who is the cause of suffering?

I was told that there are indeed many seekers,
so joyously I went in search of them. I found none. 
No one is interested in what I have to offer,
and it makes quite good sense.
Why should one be in search of what one has?

So with no sense of mission left to me 
in this world, what then shall I do?
Simply what I have always done.
Surrender with joy to the Will 
of the one I love.