On Understanding the Nature of Divine Love

It is the Promise of The Divine Oneness - 
That Al-llah! will never leave anyone and that He loves us equally one and all.
That His Mercy is instantly available to anyone who supplicates, and 
That He always responds to anyone who Calls upon Him with His Holy Name - Al-llah!.
That He is indeed the Beneficent and Merciful Creator of all that exists, His Beneficence is palpable - you can feel it.
That He created to be known - so that in knowing Him and recognizing His Existence we are fulfilling our service to Him, for which He is Grateful. 
That we are worthy of the rewards He chooses to bestow upon us and 
That there is no one to argue with His Mercy for He is the Doer of what He wishes. 

In Peace and Love,