On Saying the Holy Name - Al-llah!

"Al-llah!" is the Arabic word meaning simply "One God". (Arabic is often referred to as the language of Al-llah!). "Al-llah!" is the Name by which the Divine Creator refers to Himself in the Revealed Qur`an. 

It is called the "Divine Name", and has a singular power reflective of His Uniqueness and Transcendence over all creation. It is, without doubt, a Divinely revealed Name of God, indicative of nothing other than The One Supreme - Conscious, Living, Creating,- over Whom there is none, greater than Whom there is none, and other than Whom there is none. This indicated Oneness is the very Truth of which Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad all spoke, the "God" in Whom we all believe. 

This Name indicates the One Who is the Author and Creator of the Divine and inescapable Reality of the Unity of us all, unto Whose Benevolent Will Surrender is truly due. Sustainer and Cherisher of creation, Wise, Compassionate, and Merciful. Beyond comprehension and known only by His manifest signs. Begetter of none and never begotten. The Lover and the Beloved, of Whom the Sufi poets sing. The heavens and the earth are but tokens of His Divine Power and Love.

So say the Name of Al-llah!. Often and Much. Certainly no harm has ever come from it, and it promises to deepen your present awareness of the blessing, gratitude and knowledge of God, the Divine Creator whose throne is to be found in the hearts of His true believers.

In Peace and Love,