Laylatul Habib - The Beloved Night
(the night of dhikr and presence)

Days before that Special night
I find myself pacing the Khan'qah floor
Beads whirling furiously in hands
that can do no more

As a patient paces nervously
in the waiting room of the Hakim
As the lover waits concertedly
At the door of his love's dream.

Now I know why Majnun was named so
and the Nature of his Quest
For Layla was Exactly that,
The Night that he loved Best.

Friends and Lovers, from far and near
Come to Share what They hold Dear
It is so Sweet, wish you were here
Hard to believe but have no fear.

The Doors are Always open
in the Khan'qah of my Heart
But on that night must come with me
to a very special part
To hear the Sound, be Swept Away
By a very Special Love
From Heart to Heart, To and Fro,
To Here, from High Above.

Please Spare this Heart the Agony
of Separation from this Love.
If I can't be there Day by Day,
Then at that Doorstep I will Stay.