O Mortal Majnun, forever in love,
What is it you ask, from Me high above?

Why, Lord, did you make me in such a strange way,
it's almost impossible for me alone to stay?
Even though it's only You that I love,
You are also my company, sent from above.
Does my love for you diminish or increase,
 when I love your fair landscape, or tame a wild beast?
There is only You, of this I am sure, 
I am profoundly grateful for this love so pure.
For such a great blessing, please show me a way 
a part of my gratitude I may repay.
Be kind to all creatures, and help them along, 
wherever they're going, and sing them your song.
The praises of Me all creation doth sound, 
but children need parents to show them around.

So here's what I ask in return for my Love, 
that you find a sweet lady and offer help from above.
So it is the nature of even a dove, 
to find a sweet lady and offer her Love.