I no u r  
whom i've loved  
whom i do love  
whom i must love  
the only one there is  
the only one there ever was  
heart and soul of all beloveds  
reason for all love.  
Who can resist?  
Mendo headlands  
Breathtaking glimpses  
bring a kiss to my lips  
like a close-up look  
at my darling's smiling face.  
Why do I love  
the one I love? 
Because when I see her,  
my heart opens with yearning  
for her to come inside. 
Why does my heart open so? 
Because our spirit is one. 


Love: What does it mean when I say I love you?  
It means that my heart loses it's sanity when I -  
Think about you  
See your beautiful face  
or feel your tender touch.  
Kiss your soft, sweet, beautiful lips and my heart goes into utter delirium;  
my body goes into shakes like a young man freshly slain.  
I don't like it!  
Falling subject to such emotion is totally dangerous  
and like a fool who tosses caution to the wind.  
Somehow I think that you don't do this,  
but I wonder if you're missing something,  
or whether it's a childish weakness on my part.  
Is this somehow a major controversy?  
My reality eludes me.  

Only when I stop looking  
     does he appear.  
He sits smiling on the throne of my heart.  
I look to the left,   
     he moves to the right.  

I look to the right,   
     he moves to the left.  

I look dead center and   
     he disappears entirely.   
He's a shadow boxer  
     flirting, skirting,  
waiting to strike me  
     with a deft blow.