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The Goal of all Religion is the fulfillment of the first commandment, "to know and love the lord thy God with all thy heart, body, mind and soul." 

Any belief or practice that aids one towards that goal is healing and meritorious, and any that hinders, deleterious and detrimental. 

This "knowledge" of God is not limited to repetitive hearsay that He exists. Amazing is it and a part of His True Wonder that He could create in such a fashion as to make it possible that He be hidden so well that the question of His existence arises at all. In Qur`an it is said "And if you really want to marvel, marvel that they disbelieve". 

Nor is this knowledge limited to that of "certainty" in the heart, for it is commanded "with thy heart, body, mind, and soul".

This "Knowing" that is required of us is nothing less than full-body realization, complete surrender of mind, heart, limbs and actions to the perpetuation of His service in worship, adoration and praise. It is more than enough to keep a truly faithful slave occupied in all his time. 

It is nothing less than the "Gnosis" of the Christians, the saintly "Mindful awareness" of the Eastern religions and the "Ma`arifat" of the Muslims. The endless and unending perception of God (Allah) in all things.

We are to abandon our earthly pursuits in love and trust of the One Who brought us into this life without our permission and Who will take us out of it without our permission, and Who wants to reveal to us Himself in our trust of Him. Anything less is partial faith. 

And yes, we are to "tie our camel". But only because camels, like our minds, are prone to wander. This admonition does not mean to pursue the world with all your heart for then there is nothing in your heart but that which you pursue. It means to leave secure that which is in your trust and then turn to God. Security is a means to a goal, and not the endless goal in itself.

Security exists. It is one of the qualities of God, and as such can be relied upon. A full Trust in God is the end of the endless pursuit for Security, and the beginning of the fulfillment of the first commandment. A full Surrender and Trusting in Allah (God) is the goal and the beginning, the attainment of the point and purpose of all religion. It is on us to Trust first, to make the Choice, then we will see the proof.

In Peace and Love