The Nature of Revelation is simple. We simply would not know Him if He did not reveal Himself. We would only know ourselves, and as delightful as the realization of ourselves as a manifestation of Divine Oneness is, without Revelation there would be no Divine Guidance in the form of Higher Knowledge. And as prone as human nature (even 'enlightened' human nature) is to corruption, without the availability of Divine Guidance in the form of Higher Knowledge, I hate to imagine how even more terrible and tragic the human inhabitation of this planet might become. 

Besides the huge Spiritual advantage that Divine Guidance is to mankind, how sweet (thank you God) and interesting it is to not have to rely on (only) our (well-honed - or not) instincts or experience to know the subtler natures of what is both 'right' and 'wrong' for us, both 'good' and 'bad' for us to do in the life of this world. 

And so why shouldn't God manifest Himself in the form of infallible Divine Guidance? He’s manifest in everything else. First of all, God can do, and does, as He Pleases. Secondly, there are many of us who pray for such Guidance and realize full well our own incapacity to get along without it.  Divinity guides us through the unknown into gardens we would never have otherwise known. Who is there to prefer that He answer not the prayers of those in need? Show me one who feels not in need of Divine guidance and I will show you one who is. 

Divinity is manifest in everything whether we choose to see it or not. Even our choice to perceive it as such is a Divine gift, so why not realize it? We're all looking for "the rule book"<smile>, are we not?


"Praise be to Allah for the Gift of Surrender, and as a Gift it is Sufficient." (Qur`an)

With Love